Woods 0166 18/2-Gauge SJTW Brooder Clamp Lamp

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    Coleman Cable
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    Woods 0166 18/2-Gauge SJTW Brooder Lamp with Reflector, Black, 6-Foot. 10.5-inch reflector. Convenient hang up hooks. Insulated porcelain sockets. Heavy gauge aluminum reflectors. Bulb guards snap easily into place. Ideal for a temporary heat source for pig and chicken brooders. The Woods (R) brand is a registered trademark of Coleman Cable Inc.
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  1. chickincrazy
    Pros - Adjustable so if the chicks are too hot or cold you can move it.
    Cons - Sometimes the bulb burns out.
    This brooder is great! Keeps chicks warm and if they're too hot it you can clamp it higher up. However, it doesn't have a good guard so if the chicks get flighty, they can jump into the hot bulb. Yikes! Another thing that freaks me out is that if I have to go to the store, there is a chance that the bulb will burn out. I check the chicks before I go to bed, but once or twice the bulb has burnt out in the middle of the night and I awake to chilled chicks. Let me say that this problem is with the LIGHTBULB, not the brooder. Any single bulbed brooder like this is going to have the risk of bulbs going out. Still, it worries me. I always feel uncomfortable using these. Overall, though, it is a good brooder.

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