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  1. Jewelsandme
    "Love these birds"
    Pros - friendly, quiet. good layers
    Cons - smaller birds
    "Average hens, cruel roosters"
    Pros - Good dual eggs, the bantams are adorable, cold hardy
    Cons - Roosters are mean, boring personality, tend to die suddenly, the bantams especially
    The first Wyandotte I have ever owned was an accidental rooster from a friend, Barbecue. It was soon found out why they did not want that bird. He was the first bad experience I had ever had with a rooster. After being chased a few times and often scared to go out, he became dinner. My only regret is not giving his name it's proper respect. Instead of preparing a barbecue for his funeral, he went into the slow cooker.
    A bit stringy and tough, but the revenge tasted oh so sweet.
    I've also owned the bantam Wyandottes. (No large fowl females have ever graced my lawn.)
    Bantam Wyandottes have mild, boring personalities, and tend to be the first to succumb to disease. Furthermore, they are awfully low in fertility. Some females would not lay a single egg, or at least, they die before would. The few eggs I would get weren't fertile, and the cock was always sickly.
    They're cute pets, but not my cup of tea.
  3. bhopper
    "Easy Peasy"
    Pros - Hardy compared to my other birds
    Cons - none yet
    I purchased five Silver Laced Wyandotte pullets for my wife on Mother's Day (even though she doesn't care for chickens). These girls are hardy compared to my other babies which are barnyard mixed. Their coloring is amazing, even as little birds. I will be looking for a rooster to complete my group.
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  4. kturnquist
    "Pretty chickens!"
    Pros - Eye candy, Not aggressive
    Cons - Kinda skittish, inconsistent layer (GLW), NOISY (Blue)
    I have two Wyandottes, one Blue Wyandotte and one Golden-laced Wyandotte. Love my Blue Wyandotte for her looks and she's a pretty consistent layer. Her only problem is she is very noisy. I like to call her Willow the Whiny Wyandotte. She's a diva and let's everyone know when she's laid her eggs and is just in general very vocal all the time. My Golden-laced Wyandotte I got as an older pullet and she is very skittish. She's also an escape artist and gets out of the run by flying on top of the coop and then jumping off into the yard... She's also very inconsistent with egg laying. Some weeks it's every day, others I only get 3 eggs from her. They're also very small. I hope they get bigger because she has been laying bantam sized eggs for almost 2 months now.
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  5. cluckmecoop7
    "Great birds"
    Pros - Very pretty, good layers, pretty friendly
    Cons - They are a little hard to catch and a bit skittish.
    These are good birds. They are a little hard to catch but are very nice.. still. I have three, one is named Blamo, she is the friendliest of the 3. The others are named Dazzle and Melody. They are nice, but not as nice as Blamo. I also have 3 more chickens...Buffys. They are the best breed in the world!
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    3.00 each


    1. DSCN8888.jpg
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  6. Ausdudette
    "Silver Wyandotte"
    I had silver wyandottes a number of years ago & found them to be the best chickens out of a few other breeds I had. They fit in well with the flock & produced a lot of eggs & chicks for me. I had to give them away when I left the country for work so hadn't gotten up the courage to eat them at that time.
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  7. Better Than Rubies
    "Fine chicken breed :)"
    Pros - Gorgeous colors
    Cons - (A bit) skittish/flighty
    Not all that good of a layer
    Smaller eggs
    My SLW, Lacey, is so beautiful! But she was so wild as a chick...hated being touched. In fact, she hated me being even a little close to her.
    Once she started maturing and getting ready to lay, she became much more friendly, and even a joy to be around. :) Then she got flighty again when she started molting at a young age last fall (not even a year); but she's somewhat friendly again now that she's finished her molt. She also stopped laying in earlier November last year, definitely before even looking like she'd barely started her molt, and didn't start back up until early February this year (so didn't lay at all for well over two months).
    Also, her eggs are on the medium size, but I just thought they should be bigger. They are a beautiful perfect egg shape, though, and tend to be a lovely creamy (brown) color and coated in tiny white speckles...a (few) times last year she even laid lovely pink-hued eggs, in fact!
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  8. sueiris
    "We love our Wyandotte Bantams!"
    Pros - We love their small size, mostly gentle temperament. We think they are a beautiful bird. Egg size is smaller than LF, but is fine!
    Cons - they can be broody. perfect "Lunch" size for hawks. :-(
    We have had wyandotte bantams since 2014 when we purchased a trio of chocolate wyandotte bantams that were developed by Jerry Foley. We still have these and are working towards getting that color recognized with the ABA and the APA. We like that these birds are pretty gentle. We love their rose combs. they lay a good amount of eggs but to be fair, we have not really kept older birds. in 2015 we got black birds so we could show and in 2017 we bought some blues. In 2018 we added a partridge trio. We just received our first starred win at Congress in January 2019! We are working on these colors and will be playing with chocolate partridge this year. They are mostly a gentle bird. We love their rounded appearance. They are a fairly duel purpose breed. Small eggs are fine - you just eat a few more than larger eggs. They eat less food than large fowl, their rose combs are better in freezing weather - less apt to get frostbite than single comb. Love clean legged birds. https://www.facebook.com/weymouthwyandottes/?ref=br_rs
    17799052_247800755682558_7916060686634908676_n.jpg 50343486_568633820265915_3538233980165816320_n.jpg 27066892_366698360459463_1779027922292434850_n.jpg 37104494_454123628383602_6302105882511540224_n.jpg chocolate_wyandotte_bantam_pullet2_n.jpg blue_wyandotte_bantam_cockeral11659064262656_n.jpg 26993932_366698450459454_1905637879900180738_n.jpg
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    $25-30 for adults, $30-35 for a dozen eggs.
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  9. Gargoyle
    "Good backyard birds"
    Pros - Docile, sociable, good layers, smart
    Mine are almost never broody. You need to get them used to being picked up when they are young or they'll grow up to be skittish.
  10. 9SpiceyChickens
    "Loud, Friendly, Good Free Rangers"
    Pros - Friendly, Good Layers, Beautiful, Good at Free Ranging, Large, Broody
    Cons - Large, LOUD, Broody often, hard to handle
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