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Average User Rating:
  1. Devw
    "Just overall great birds!"
    Pros - Amazing large brown egg producers, friendly, beautiful, tolerant of other chickens/poultry
    Cons - None.
    These are such a wonderful breed to own. They come in a lot of colors, though few of them are actually accepted. My favorite is the blue-laced red, and my personal opinion is that it's by far the most eye appealing.

    They are loose feather breed, so they look incredibly puffy. They have great form, and have a pea comb (making this breed really cold hearty, with addition of its feather type). This bird grows to be a good size (my hens average 6-7 lbs).

    All of my birds have been friendly, and at least tolerant of being handled. I have yet to find a rooster that has been aggressive.

    This breed lays large brown eggs consistently, and make good meat birds.

    If you're looking for a great breed to start out with, or even just to add to your current flock, this is a great breed to try out. They're beautiful to look at, great personalities, and lay lots of big eggs. Just great overall dual purpose birds.
  2. FeatherMtnFarms
    "Beautiful Wyandottes"
    Pros - Quiet (some), beautiful, fiesty
    Cons - Roosters very aggressive
    I have had a Silver laced pullet and rooster and have had a golden laced girl. The SL pullet, unfortunatly we didn't have her long because dogs attacked our first flock, she was very quiet but was very beautiful, a great bird for beginners. We also currently have a GL pullet and she is the exact opposite, she is a fiesty girl, one of the triple trouble we call them because they are trouble makers, getting into things, scaring off the poor cats that just want to be their friend etc.but we love her and she is friendly. But the SL rooster we have is agressive...he is only a cockerel but he picks on some of the hens a little too much and has attacked us a few times...but he is a beautiful rooster and protects his flock from danger! So in all, the girls are lovely and a very nice bird to have, great for beginners as well as seasoned chicken keepers and great for show!! But the roosters can be a little aggressive.
  3. WillGriffin03
    "Amazing Birds"
    Pros - Great Mums, Layers, Very Friendly
    Cons - None I can think of!
    Cheap birds and amazing mothers! I have bantams and they are particularity broody and lovely birds!
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  4. Minnowey
    "Friendly, Beautiful Breed"
    Pros - Healthy chicks, fun to look at, very hardy
    Cons - Not the most predator savvy,
    My experience with Wyandottes started with a silver laced, who was absolutely gorgeous and the smartest chicken I owned. But, as I said above she was not wary enough of predators, and actually went straight up to the dog, who won't kill the chicks but is not completely trusted by me. She laid some beautiful eggs,though.
    All of the Wyandotte chicks that I have bought have been very healthy, starting to fly on their first day and crying for attention. A wonderful breed overall.
  5. Ameraucana5
    "GREAT ROOSTER!!!!!!!"
    Pros - amazing at warning the hens of danger.
    Cons - none
    Overall a great bird, very protective of his hens and is not aggressive. I have two hens and one rooster, and he will sometimes charge me. But only when I pick up one of his hens, and it is not in a aggressive way. He only ever charges when he is defending his hens against a possible threat (that being me).
  6. Cluckcluck1215
    "Silver laced Wyandottes are a Great Breed!"
    Pros - Love to be petted, very pretty
    Cons - Tiny eggs, flighty
    I love my SLWs one, Whoms name is Gwen, sadly got killed by a hawk last January.But ow I have Raven, and I love her to bits and pices.The only thing is she lays tiny eggs and she is quit flighty.
  7. WyandotteLove1
    "A Completely Adorable Breed"
    Pros - *Super sweet* *Beautiful patterns on wings* *Love people* *GORGEOUS LITTLE CHEEKS!* *Cold hardy*
    Cons - *A bit skiddish at points* *Roosters are aggressive*
    I have had so many Arucanas throughout my experience with chickens, I have gotten to the point where I can't even recall all of them! The very first one we ever had was Chubby-Cheeks the 1st, the second, Rascal, the third, Chubby-Cheeks the 2nd, the next, Rascal the 2nd, and so on! And guess what? THEY WERE ALL ROOSTERS OR CAUGHT BY RACCOONS OR HAWKS!! ARGH!! Finally, we got one, (named Lucky for reasons you can guess,) and she has been a WONDERFUL hen! Super sweet, lets you hold her like a baby, and lays gorgeous eggs, and her wing pattern is very pretty! This is a great starters breed!
  8. Vermont Poultry
    "Stunning feathers"
    Pros - Lay often, large eggs, many color varieties, beautiful feathers.
    Cons - Bit more shy than some breeds. (not always the case).
    My 4 Gold Laced Wyandottes, (3 pullets, 1 cockerel) have amazing plumage, get along quite well with the other chickens, and although have not started laying eggs yet they are pretty close! Our Wyandotte rooster leans towards the aggressive side and is a bit rude, which is typical for a young cockerel, he sometimes follows after me but has never attacked me. The other 3 pullets used to be very shy and although they didn't panic when I got close they definitely did not like me near them, since they have grown up one of them lets me touch it and the others let me very close without giving any concern. Highly recommend, very beautiful and if kept healthy they will not disappoint.
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  9. bullrunslabs
    "Easy keepers, beautiful birds!"
    Pros - Easy keepers, beautiful, wide variety to choose from. Great layers!
    Cons - May get picked on by others, escappees.
    I have had a variety of wyandottes, and I always will! They are a great duel purpose bird, consistent layers, will go broody, and make excellent mothers. They are intelligent, and quiet, very sweet. I have had problems however, with my blue red laced hens escaping. They come home, unless broody. They lay large amounts of eggs before brooding in my experience. When they have chosen to go broody, they hide their nests VERY well. They are generally predator aware and do well in a variety of climates.
  10. cra-zchicknlady
    "Perhaps a bad batch?"
    Pros - Hardy, calm, good shape.
    Cons - Dirty, turkey-level stupid.
    We got five white Wyandottes from an auction. The original owner had kept them in wire cages, so their poor feet were bent and crooked. Not a problem, they could still walk fine, and mostly straightened after a few months in the yard. One I believe had had a broken toe, nearly twisted at a right angle. Excellent layers, nearly every day, although a few regularly had weak-shelled eggs. One of the five dropped an egg yolk inside her body cavity, weakened no matter what I tried, and I eventually had to put her out of her misery. They were extremely calm, but that may have been a result of their IQ. I watched these birds sit out in the yard while the rooster gave a warning call against a hawk. They didn't even move towards shelter. The rest of the flock at the time was Australorps, and they scattered. The Wyandottes would sit in their food dish, took forever (nearly 3 months) learning to go in the coop at night. Two of the five eventually learned to use the roost at night, but the rest either wouldn't or couldn't learn. On top of that, they were dirty. All five of them regularly had dirty bums. It seemed to cake in the feathers no matter how often I cleared it off. I hope they were simply poorly bred or a bad batch, as I would hate to think the whole breed is like that.

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