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  1. Wyno Queen
    "Wyandottes Are Wonderful!"
    Pros - Standard and bantam.
    Dual purpose.
    Striking color varieties.
    Friendly, docile, quiet.
    Great mothers.
    Reliable layers, over many years.
    Helping a heritage breed keep a viable gene pool and future.
    Cons - Broodiness.
    Go off lay over winter.
    Less showy colours are now endangered of being lost and are now rated as endangered, such as buff columbian Wyandottes.
    Slow to mature, so feeding pullets for a long period before producing eggs.
    Wyandottes are friendly, docile and well suited to backyard chicken keeping.
    Their eggs are particularly sweet and delicious and their pale shell is well suited for decorating for special occasions, like Easter or birthday parties.
    Whilst your Wyandotte may be a moderate producer of eggs and laying will naturally drop off for each year of her life, she will not lay herself to death in a year, like the high egg production birds, so you can enjoy your pet chicken for many years.
    Wyandotte feathers are in high demand by milliners and trout fishing lure makers, so you will be able to sell your flock's feathers when they moult.
    Wyandottes are a heritage breed. keeping them ensures the breed is kept viable into the future, with as big a gene pool as enthusiastic embracing of all the many colours of both standard and bantam Wyandotte varieties allows. DSCN1928.JPG
  2. Sdree99
    "Super friendly!"
  3. Lovemylilcluckers
    Pros - friendly
    easily handled
    enjoys being around people/petted
    easily going with other chickens
    Cons - none!
  4. fuscia
    "Not My Favorite Hen"
    Cons - Skittish
    Maybe the two Wyandottes I purchased from Tractor Supply aren't really Wyandottes? Only one of mine lays eggs and they are small and cream colored. I also just don't like the looks of them, and they are skittish, even though I raised them from chicks and handled them. I was actually only going to get Wyandottes and I'm glad I got a couple other varieties instead.
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  5. Arizona Bob
    "Queen of the Coop and an Amazing Mother!"
    Pros - Calm & quiet
    Good layer (5/7)
    Nice to others
    Can be hand fed and petted
    Cons - Does not like to be picked up
    Dora II went broody, so I got her a fertilized egg to sit on. 21 days later, out pops Lucy! It was amazing to watch Dora care for her baby. She is SO protective. The 2 were inseparable for 10 weeks! Finally, on Lucy's 73rd day, Dora laid an egg. She is my largest hen, Queen of the Coop but never bothers or bullies the others. She is soft and beautiful!
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    1. Dora & Lucy.jpg
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  6. beccaWA
    "Beautiful, friendly birds. Good layers."
    Pros - Curious and friendly.
    Beautiful feathering (I have a gold-laced).
    Good sized eggs.
    Very cold hardy, somewhat heat resistant.
    Gets along well with flock members.
    Cons - Mine doesn't go broody (which might be a plus depending...)
    I've had this gold-laced Wyandotte for 6 years now. She's always been the most calm, friendly, and curious of the flock. She always gets along well with all other hens. She's the only one of my flock (the others are Australorps) who will come right up to me. Docile.

    She's been a good layer, although at this age, no longer laying. Nice sized eggs.

    Gorgeous feathering and a nice rose comb which has never gotten frostbit.

    Has never gone broody (pro or con, depending).

    Good forager. Stays put. My Australorps fly over my 5-foot fence and Winona doesn't.

    Use caution mixing with more aggressive breeds. Although, I had a nasty, agressive Barred Rock once that was best friends with the docile Wyandotte.

    Overall a great bird. Good for beginners and experienced owners.
  7. MissYa
    "Pretty birds"
    Pros - Eye catching.
    Cons - Skiddish
    Great rooster!
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  8. BYChickenAl
    "Matches My Wyandottes"
    Pros - With minor exception, matches my Wyandottes.
    I have two Wyandotte hens. Based on my experience, the description of the breed and their behavior is almost spot-on. Mine are both very vocal when they see me. They each produce an egg almost every day. They get along very well with my Easter Eggers and were easily integrated. They are very good at tearing up mulch and flower beds and are deadly accurate for taking out insects and spiders. I could watch them for hours. I will continue to have this breed as a small part of my flock.
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  9. Devw
    "Just overall great birds!"
    Pros - Amazing large brown egg producers, friendly, beautiful, tolerant of other chickens/poultry
    Cons - None.
    These are such a wonderful breed to own. They come in a lot of colors, though few of them are actually accepted. My favorite is the blue-laced red, and my personal opinion is that it's by far the most eye appealing.

    They are loose feather breed, so they look incredibly puffy. They have great form, and have a pea comb (making this breed really cold hearty, with addition of its feather type). This bird grows to be a good size (my hens average 6-7 lbs).

    All of my birds have been friendly, and at least tolerant of being handled. I have yet to find a rooster that has been aggressive.

    This breed lays large brown eggs consistently, and make good meat birds.

    If you're looking for a great breed to start out with, or even just to add to your current flock, this is a great breed to try out. They're beautiful to look at, great personalities, and lay lots of big eggs. Just great overall dual purpose birds.
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  10. FeatherMtnFarms
    "Beautiful Wyandottes"
    Pros - Quiet (some), beautiful, fiesty
    Cons - Roosters very aggressive
    I have had a Silver laced pullet and rooster and have had a golden laced girl. The SL pullet, unfortunatly we didn't have her long because dogs attacked our first flock, she was very quiet but was very beautiful, a great bird for beginners. We also currently have a GL pullet and she is the exact opposite, she is a fiesty girl, one of the triple trouble we call them because they are trouble makers, getting into things, scaring off the poor cats that just want to be their friend etc.but we love her and she is friendly. But the SL rooster we have is agressive...he is only a cockerel but he picks on some of the hens a little too much and has attacked us a few times...but he is a beautiful rooster and protects his flock from danger! So in all, the girls are lovely and a very nice bird to have, great for beginners as well as seasoned chicken keepers and great for show!! But the roosters can be a little aggressive.

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