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  1. bmanty
    "SL Wyandottes"
    Pros - good layers, beautiful colors
    Cons - Bossy, loud
    I have 3, I bought them when they were a year old so they never really got accustomed to me. They adapted to the coop well, Lay fine eggs, and one in particular is quite vocal and bossy (often)

    I may have to try raising some from chicks up to get a better opinion.
    "Awesome and beautiful breed."
  3. Eggsakly
    "I Love These Little Guys"
    Pros - Beautiful, Friendly, Good Layers, Lots of Personality, Cold Hardy, Variety of Colors and Patterns
    Cons - None
    I have a particular interest in bantams for eggs, and for that reason I purchased bantam Wyandottes in late April of this year as day-old chicks from a hatchery. I have one golden-laced pullet, and five blue-laced red variations, three pullets and two cockerels.

    I have had chickens for only three years, and the Wyandottes are the third bantam breed I have raised. The other two breeds are bantam Easter egger and bantam buff Brahmas. The Wyandottes are the friendliest of the three breeds by far. I did not handle them a great deal as new hatchlings because I ordered a larger number of chicks, and for several weeks I was unsure which ones I would keep. Nonetheless, of the six chicks I kept, all are quite friendly. One of my cockerels is in love with me, and it's adorable. He is always next to me whenever I am out in the yard or the chicken house. Two of the pullets jump in my lap every time I sit down in their presence. When I sit with them, those that don't get right in my lap are always close by, walking over my feet, brushing against my legs, chatting and looking in my eyes. They don't like to be touched, but they like very much to be quite close, and they greet me enthusiastically every time they see me.

    They also have a lot of personality. My little cockerel that loves me is a total character, a goof, is very smart, and always the first to figure things out. The two cockerels get along well. He's a little hard on the girls right now, but the Brahmas are larger and older and can deal with him, and the other cockerel helps keep him in line.

    The little golden-laced pullet is also a character. She is off in her own world. She flies better than any of the rest, and I find her in high places from time to time, like on top of the chicken run. She also wanders by herself more than the others, going farther away, and coming in last behind everyone else at night. They love to free range, and they stay out late, but they go in the coop every night on their own.

    The pullets were a full 27 weeks old before any of them laid an egg. That is slow. I'm sure three of them are laying but the fourth one I'm not so certain of. So far they are good little layers, popping out four or five eggs a week each. It's really too soon to know fully how well they will lay in terms of both frequency and size of egg, but the indicators are quite good. These first eggs are small and I expect the eggs to be larger in the future, and more so after their first molt. Right now the eggs weigh 1-1/4 to 1-3/8 oz, with more of the larger than smaller. That is a respectable egg for a bantam, in keeping with the formula that three bantam eggs equal two large eggs from LF.


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  4. besorto
    "Wonderful layers"
    Pros - very cold/heat hardy, great layers, tons of beautiful varieties, nice mothers.
    Cons - Not easy to tame, very skittish, not good with young children
    I have a single golden laced wyandotte named Bumble, and she never fails to give me eggs. Even with frost all over the coop, she's popping out eggs. I raised her from a chick along with a ton of super friendly chicks, but she's just super skittish. She's a beautiful girl and very motherly to any younger birds in the flock, but she just doesn't like humans.
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  5. R1V3R20NG
    "Great Birds"
    Pros - Giant eggs, barely fit in carton. Very docile and great personality.
    Cons - Talking. But i love talking, some people don't
    Absolutely love my Silver Laced Wyandotte. She lays big, almost ball shaped eggs. She loves people and will hang around you if your gardening, loves getting fed worms. I have plenty of hilarious stories about her.
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  6. flowerbug
    "MY FAVORITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Cons - NONE
    my favorite go-to breed when first time cold weather chicken keepers for my advice on the "best" breed
  7. Wyno Queen
    "Wyandottes Are Wonderful!"
    Pros - Standard and bantam.
    Dual purpose.
    Striking color varieties.
    Friendly, docile, quiet.
    Great mothers.
    Reliable layers, over many years.
    Helping a heritage breed keep a viable gene pool and future.
    Cons - Broodiness.
    Go off lay over winter.
    Less showy colours are now endangered of being lost and are now rated as endangered, such as buff columbian Wyandottes.
    Slow to mature, so feeding pullets for a long period before producing eggs.
    Wyandottes are friendly, docile and well suited to backyard chicken keeping.
    Their eggs are particularly sweet and delicious and their pale shell is well suited for decorating for special occasions, like Easter or birthday parties.
    Whilst your Wyandotte may be a moderate producer of eggs and laying will naturally drop off for each year of her life, she will not lay herself to death in a year, like the high egg production birds, so you can enjoy your pet chicken for many years.
    Wyandotte feathers are in high demand by milliners and trout fishing lure makers, so you will be able to sell your flock's feathers when they moult.
    Wyandottes are a heritage breed. keeping them ensures the breed is kept viable into the future, with as big a gene pool as enthusiastic embracing of all the many colours of both standard and bantam Wyandotte varieties allows. DSCN1928.JPG
  8. Sdree99
    "Super friendly!"
  9. Lovemylilcluckers
    Pros - friendly
    easily handled
    enjoys being around people/petted
    easily going with other chickens
    Cons - none!
  10. fuscia
    "Not My Favorite Hen"
    Cons - Skittish
    Maybe the two Wyandottes I purchased from Tractor Supply aren't really Wyandottes? Only one of mine lays eggs and they are small and cream colored. I also just don't like the looks of them, and they are skittish, even though I raised them from chicks and handled them. I was actually only going to get Wyandottes and I'm glad I got a couple other varieties instead.
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