Your Chickens Book

Pros: Good for kids wanting to be part of parents or their own chicken flock,
Cons: Not the best for the experienced youth shower or 4-Her,
Kids like parents can get into their chickens and might start raising and managing chickens of their own, Gail Damerow definitely recognizes that. When I read this book and compared it to some of the other books she has written I have definitely seen a big improvement. I would recommend this book to any starting out 4-Her or child that just wants to raise chickens. To a more experience youth it may be a "Yeah I knew that." There was also a part about chickens and evolution which may not appeal to some people as they don't believe in that.
Pros: Covers most everything kids need to know about starting a flock. Also, it includes charts so kids can keep track of eggs, feed costs, etc.
Cons: Doesn't talk much about individual breeds, some of the sections could be more detailed.
This book is very helpful for beginning kids who are looking to raise chickens for breeding, meat or eggs. I highly recommend it! However, if you are looking for a book that explains about different breeds, this is not for you. But, Gail Damerow does a good job of explaining most the concepts of raising chickens in "kid" form!
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