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  1. perkolator

    Alternatives to hardware cloth??

    To add to the Amazon comment -- when I was looking earlier this Summer, Amazon roll of hardware cloth was the cheapest option within a 25 mile radius of where I live (1/2" x 48" - 100'). I went with a local farm supply instead as it was only $8 more, mainly because I figured it would end up...
  2. perkolator

    Perkolator's Modern Chicken Estate 2019

    The old coop was badly placed in the middle of the flattest, widest and most prime location on our land for the kids to play, it's definitely going away. I already have another small portable coop from my inlaws that we used as a brooder, so I've already got a spare ;)
  3. perkolator

    Open Contest Official BYC Coop Page Contest #10

    Here's my contribution:
  4. Perkolator's Modern Chicken Estate 2019

    Perkolator's Modern Chicken Estate 2019

    Since buying my house I've fallen in love with chicken-owning, but not so much in love with the old and badly-placed chicken coop that came with the property. When I discovered a nice stack of used corrugated metal roof panels hidden behind a shed at my inlaws, I decided it was time to build a...
  5. perkolator

    Coop treatment

    Exterior paint or exterior polyurethane would be my choice. I've used water-based polyurethane on several wood projects and like it a lot. I do live in CA without deep winter so that may have an effect on things
  6. perkolator

    Help!! Ventilation problem?

    Yeah, my old coop was like yours where the floor is flat/level with the doors. The roost bars in that coop were all on one side, with the feeder opposite - so what I did was make a baffle to hold back about 10" deep bedding under the roost bars. No more bedding strewn out into the run after...
  7. perkolator

    Help!! Ventilation problem?

    Nice coop. My only criticism is directed at the floor area of your coop. That bare OSB with just a thin scattering of bedding over it wouldn't be good as there's nothing to "soak up" poop or wet/muddy feet and anything wet would soak into the wood. If it were mine I would make a simple...
  8. perkolator

    Coop building plans, seeking critique and advice

    My opinion - I don't think you technically need more ventilation, but a few windows that you can open/close might be nice. You already stated you're going to have 16sq ft of vent space between the dormer and F/R soffits, which I'd imagine is PLENTY and will definitely be enough to create draft...
  9. perkolator

    3x3 coop alcove suggestions

    My bad, apparently I can't read comprehensively ;) Looking back at the pic, if it were mine I would probably reconfigure storage so there are two vertical storage racks that flank a thoroughfare through the center where your doors are located currently. You have A LOT of headspace in that...
  10. perkolator

    3x3 coop alcove suggestions

    Do you have a storage area for feed/bedding/etc? If not, I'd use that space for storing items.
  11. perkolator

    Perkolator's Modern Chicken Estate 2019

    Thanks. Yeah they all seem to enjoy the perches, like all 16 of them up there usually; there are 4 gold laced, a black and a blue cochin. Was a great way to increase usable space since it isn’t the biggest run. I think the black cochin sleeps up there in the run by herself while everyone else...
  12. perkolator

    Perkolator's Modern Chicken Estate 2019

    Oh yeah, and I finished the bunny hutch :bun
  13. perkolator

    Perkolator's Modern Chicken Estate 2019

    Update: Still haven't completed the feeder :lol: but I did get a new waterer built. I made an article for waterer: Chickens seem to be enjoying the new digs. The overhead branch system seems to be quite popular...
  14. perkolator

    Dust bath

    There's a pic of it in my coop build
  15. perkolator

    Dust bath

    Kiddie pool is fairly common I've seen in people's coop pics. I'm using an old boat in my coop for dust bath
  16. perkolator

    Food/scratch/straw/bedding storage

    That type of shed should work just fine for keeping it dry and presentable - but I'd still use metal trash cans as a rat/mouse could EASILY chew right through that shed to get inside.
  17. Perkolator's Chicken Waterer

    Perkolator's Chicken Waterer

    I built this super-simple, auto-fill, gravity-feed, chicken waterer for my new chicken coop. My waterer required a reservoir due to using untreated irrigation water, which sometimes will get turned off daily during maintenance periods. Luckily I don't have to deal with freezing in my region...
  18. perkolator

    new coop design layout questions - wall, nesting box & roost height for this coop design

    Trays like on a rabbit hutch? I'm lazy, so in my opinion unless you want daily chores, skip the trays and provide space at the bottom for deep bedding. Just make floor tall enough to get a wheel barrow up to it so you can simply rake it out once a year (probably less frequent than that for...
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    Best cheap run roofing

    I think Flex Seal is similar, but not quite the same product. I associate FlexSeal with TV infomercials, haha. The stuff I'm referring to is in the roofing section of a hardware store, it's a UV-resistant elastomeric coating made to seal up leaky roofs. The brand I see locally at Home Depot I...