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  1. 25chickens

    New project: mixing local breeds from around the world

    Very cool! They will be some interesting chicks
  2. 25chickens

    Chicks I'm getting

    Nice. I wish I could get more chicks this spring, but don't have any space. Chicken math took over :oops:
  3. 25chickens

    Quail Waterers

    I don't know much about quail, but I think nipple. They won't be able to make a mess
  4. 25chickens

    Cockerel or Pullet?

    Look to be pullets so far
  5. 25chickens

    Cochin hen or rooster???

    Looks like a brahma to me and a cockerel
  6. 25chickens

    Recommended live wifi game cam for coop

    I recommend a Wyze camera. They aren't waterproof, so you'll have to put it somewhere dry. They connect via an app through WiFi and are live and have good night vision. They are pretty cheap, the cheapest is about 25 dollars on amazon. I have one at the front of my house.
  7. 25chickens

    Budgie Color Variety/Mutation

    Sky blue opaline pied. That is a young male, maybe around 2-3 months. Baby males have a solid colored cere, usually light purple or pink, while females have one with a light ring around their nostrils. Pic for reference
  8. 25chickens

    Is my Pekin Bantam a male or female??

    How old? If 20 weeks or so then pullet.
  9. 25chickens

    Two Sweet Rex Mix Bunnies need New Home

    I only live about 1 hour and 45 min away from you, I would love to take them but my parents don't want rabbits right now
  10. 25chickens

    How do you bulk up for winter?

    My ducks used to love bird seed, they would go crazy over it. Don't know if it would help in the winter.
  11. 25chickens

    How do you bulk up for winter?

    Maybe cracked corn
  12. 25chickens

    Budgie gender

    Now that I look closer, it almost seems to be very dark brown
  13. 25chickens

    D’Uccles need names

    Kind of cliche, but Cookie and Cream :confused:? Like oreo cookies ....
  14. 25chickens

    Free Parakeets near Houston

    You're Welcome. That's alright, just post them when you have time.
  15. 25chickens

    Free Parakeets near Houston

    I am thinking this little guy is male. I could be wrong but when I zoom in, it looks to be a solid light purple cere (fleshy nose). Baby male budgies usually have a solid cere while baby females have a whitish one with faint circles around the nostrils. This picture demonstrates that. Of...
  16. 25chickens

    Pullet or Cockerel?

  17. 25chickens

    Free Parakeets near Houston

    Doesn't matter as long as the females don't have a nestbox. Usually 2 boys stay together peacefully.
  18. 25chickens

    Budgie gender

    I'm gonna say boy. That is a really dark cere!
  19. 25chickens

    Free Parakeets near Houston

    Usually you can, if OP posts some pics they all can be sexed. Depends on the color of the fleshy part above their beak