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  1. Chris-n-Kate

    Greenish eggs- what breed?

    Following. I got a couple of these from the rare pullets bin too, but one was a boy. 😱
  2. Chris-n-Kate

    What to do with feathers.

    I read chicken feathers are too thick and sharp to make decent pillows, duck and goose feathers are soft but need special fabric or they will just come out through the fabric.
  3. Chris-n-Kate

    What to do with feathers.

    Do you dry them before you put them in the bag or when you get ready to use them?
  4. Chris-n-Kate

    What to do with feathers.

    I like composting. I will probably do that then. Thanks.
  5. Chris-n-Kate

    What to do with feathers.

    I have only processed once and threw the feathers away, but got to thinking there might be better options. Can the leftover feathers be used in the nest box?
  6. Chris-n-Kate

    Egg apron

    Super cool!
  7. Chris-n-Kate

    How much daylight do ducks need to start laying eggs?

    I’m not going to add light. I’m looking to calculate at which point in the year there will be enough natural light.
  8. Chris-n-Kate

    How much daylight do ducks need to start laying eggs?

    My ducks are almost 7 months old. They have been doing the deed and eating the oyster grit for almost 2 months, but not laying eggs at all, I’m assuming because it’s not the right season. The girls also have been able to fit 3 fingers between their butt bones for weeks. How many hours of light...
  9. Chris-n-Kate

    Best rare chick assortment

    Seems to me the “assorted rare pullets” are the leftover mixed hybrid creations. Also since sexing isn’t 100% accurate there can still be cockerels. I’ve had several cockerels from “assorted rare pullets”.
  10. Chris-n-Kate

    Everything House Chicken!

    Here’s my house chicken Flamingo but we’ve been calling her ming for short. I brought her inside to recover from loosing a leg, and now she has no interest in going outside without me. She has a modified rabbit crate in the living room but roams the house while we are home.
  11. Chris-n-Kate

    Review by 'Chris-n-Kate' in article 'Store Eggs vs. Farm Eggs'

    Thank you for this information.
  12. Chris-n-Kate

    Can I keep a bunny in my closet?

    Baby gate might be an issue if it’s plastic. Bunny can gnaw through plastic fairly quickly.
  13. Chris-n-Kate

    Wireless collar on rooster??

    When my rooster leads the girls off too far, I play rooster crowing videos on YouTube while standing on my porch. Never fails to get him running home fast. The girls follow him back.
  14. Chris-n-Kate

    New puppy love: Beware of bringing home those cute deceiving predators!

    Yes beware! I spent good money on a livestock guardian puppy from working dog parents from a farm. Whilst attempting to train him using a leash and putting him in a kennel when I was not outside he managed to dig out of the kennel and killed chickens, then I put him on a chain for the in...
  15. Chris-n-Kate

    Drake running at me!

    I had this problem and lost a few juvenile pullets! That’s why the ducks don’t get to freerange anymore!
  16. Chris-n-Kate

    Something ate my chickens leg. Should I cull it?

    She’s pretty much fully recovered. She does live in the house now, but I take her outside with me on nice days. She stays real close and follows me around the yard.