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  1. Debby R

    Opossum Playing Dead

    That's a very interesting story!
  2. Debby R

    Daytime predator question

    I had one taken by an owl at 6:50 pm in the summer- broad daylight. Head gone/ eviscerated in moments. I scared it away.
  3. Debby R

    Winter egg laying

    I have 5 chickens who stopped laying completely for about a month with the time change and molting. I never wanted to use supplemental lighting but 3 days after I set it up, one hen began to lay again. Still waiting on the other freeloaders! I had to BUY eggs for Thanksgiving. That's just wrong.
  4. Debby R

    Where/how do you store your feed?

    Mine is in the house in a metal can. I used to keep it in a can in the garage but it got moldy (FL). Stays nice and fresh in the house.
  5. Debby R

    If you could only keep 3-5 chickens

    One of my 3 Wellsummers was broody for a month this year. Poor thing. There's always one to break the norm, right?
  6. Debby R

    Wood mulch in a run?

    I've used pine bark mini and regular in my chicken run for several years without a problem. Great in rainy season, too, as water just runs off of it. I don't know if it would be different for duck feet though.
  7. Debby R

    Opossum Playing Dead

    Playing dead is their defense, like you said.
  8. Debby R


    I feed my chickens canned 100% pumpkin and they love it! I have pumpkins growing on the vine now so we'll see how they like that.
  9. Debby R

    Trashy dogs!

    That is so sad. I'm sorry. I would surely be certain to let my neighbor know I am NOT pleased and I am armed!
  10. Debby R

    Time to go on the offensive...enough is enough.

    So glad your little Bantam is okay. I'd be livid, also! I have just gone through this same thing though I tried every kind of trap before resorting to poison. I put it inside a "rat hotel" and they gorged themselves on it for 5 days before they died. Two I found inside of the pen but the...
  11. Debby R

    Good small dogs for protecting flock

    Herding breeds are bred to protect herds/flocks
  12. Debby R

    Good small dogs for protecting flock

    I show dogs and I would not think labs would be good for guarding. They're too inclined to chase a running chicken or try to "play".
  13. Debby R

    Wheat Bran?

    See SJH's note and reference. Wheat bran actually is quite nutritious.
  14. Debby R

    Feeding Different Aged Birds

    Feed them all starter grower until the youngsters are 18 weeks then switch to layer. Put out oyster shell when the oldest are 18 weeks and they will eat it as they need it for egg shell production. The calcium in layer feed is bad for the baby kidneys. The older birds will eat oyster shell as...
  15. Debby R

    Meal worms: Super Expensive Form of Protein?

    They just go dormant when it's too cold. I'd never keep them in the house as they get a little smelly as time goes on but they do fine in the mid 70's.
  16. Debby R

    Meal worms: Super Expensive Form of Protein?

    I had two large trays of mealworms for months. They went through all the stages (darkling beetle, pupa, worm). The problem is they put out so much waste (it's like a fine sand) and they lay eggs that you can't sift out of it so as you add substrate (I used wheat bran for horses) the bins get...
  17. Debby R

    Comment by 'Debby R' in article 'Introducing a Single Hen to an Existing Flock'

    What a touching story. Congratulations for a job well done!
  18. Debby R

    Introducing new chickens

    You need to wait until they're older. Six weeks is too small to defend themselves as there will be squabbling. I am in the final stages of introducing 4 month olds to my hens. Using the look don't touch method but now the dog crate is in the pen with the door wide open. The pullets just need...
  19. Debby R

    Roost Questions

    I have 2 adult Barred Rocks now and raising some Welsummer pullets. My roost is 4 feet off the ground with a "poop board" a foot below that. They fly directly up to the roost and hop directly to the floor. Bumblefoot could happen if they landed on something like a nail but my flooring is wood...