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  1. KellyLarkin3

    Chipped beak

    Not sure what I can put on his chipped beak.
  2. KellyLarkin3

    No eggs for two weeks

    My one girl is not laying any eggs. She will sit in her nesting box but leaves nothing. I haven’t seen any form of molting either. The temperature here in South Jersey has been mild 40-50’s. So I’m not sure if it is the weather change. Her brother which is a special needs rooster is not with her...
  3. KellyLarkin3


    How do I get my hens to roost? I only Have 3 hens Right now and they sit and cuddle together. Is this ok?
  4. KellyLarkin3


    Do chickens need to roost? When my chickens are in the coop they never sit on the roost they just cuddle with each other on the bedding. Is this normal?
  5. KellyLarkin3

    Diatomaceous earth

    Is DE good for your chickens and is it truly safe to put in a dust Bath? I read different, that it is and that it isn’t.
  6. KellyLarkin3

    Winter winds

    It gets pretty windy in the winter should I put plastic up in run area during winter months?