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  1. Lady Marion

    Diseased liver

    I was looking back on this thread so I could send a friend some information. As for it NOT being Blackhead, I did have TWO veterinarians look at the photos. The yellow rings and the sulfur droppings did indicate blackhead. The green, I was told, was liver congestion from liver failure...
  2. Lady Marion

    |•~The BYC Equestrian Club!~•| NEW - Equine Art & Photo Album!

    By the way, that part about over-feeding a young horse is so accurate. We bought a QH from a lady who had fed WAY too much grain to her Paint, and he developed leg problems. We had him for a year, and gave him no grain, just minerals and good grass. He improved. We did not ride him, but gave...
  3. Lady Marion

    |•~The BYC Equestrian Club!~•| NEW - Equine Art & Photo Album!

    Horses do not reach skeletal maturity until age six. In races in Europe, horses are not ridden until age four, but here in America we seem to be in such a hurry. No wonder we lose so many racehorses at such young ages! The pastern growth plates will be fused early enough for early riding, so...
  4. Lady Marion

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    ROTFLOL! He had good reason to be nervous, as he is now in the oven! The remaining Tom is lonely. We felt bad for him, then we saw this video the other night and ROARED. It is really funny:
  5. Lady Marion

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for my faith, my family, and my farm critters. I am also thankful for CAYENNE PEPPER and GINGER, which cured my four turkeys from blackhead disease! The entire flock had the symptoms. These Toms suffered stunted growth. Today's bird is "only" 23.4 pounds...
  6. Lady Marion

    Diseased liver

    No, not great at all. I'm surprised that hen didn't drop dead on her own! When I saw it, my heart just sank, and I felt so depressed. All my friends have turkeys free ranging with their chickens, and they have NO problems whatsoever!
  7. Lady Marion

    Need to rehome my royal palms

    Feed is so expensive, I have been feeding my turkeys cottage cheese I make from goat milk. At least we have plenty of kudzu and other browse for the goats, and the cheese is high protein. I figured I would be feeding a pig excess milk if we had a pig, why not feed the turkeys the excess? Ends...
  8. Lady Marion

    Diseased liver

    I had to put down a turkey last week, thought perhaps her heart was failing (Happened last year to two of my BBB's, so I figured early butchering was the solution if they showed lethargy), but it was much worse, because i could not use the meat on this bird. Notice the yellow lesions...
  9. Lady Marion

    Lost two chicks, just plain didn't grow!

    I got my chicks last Friday, 25 Red Stars and 16 Golden Laced Wyandottes. Monday afternoon I noticed a smallish Wyandotte a little uncoordinated. She had no bad smelling poop or anything, just was sluggish. I brought her in the house and put her in a box with a heating pad on low, the temp...
  10. Lady Marion

    crop bound/pendulous crop

    I know this has been addressed before, but I can't find it. I have a three month old Dominique pullet with a very enlarged, hanging crop. It is soft, not hard. I have isolated her, and have given some olive oil, some probiotics, some digestive enzymes, and some fresh whey. It seems to have...
  11. Lady Marion

    My Wyandottes have turned into Velociraptors!

    I have a butterfly net, and go around the pastures, catching the ever-abundant grasshoppers. it was a great way to teach my very first batch of peeps (got them May 27th. fifty of them!) how to free range. Even now, whenever they see me with that net, they follow me as rats follow the Pied...
  12. Lady Marion

    How did you come up with your screen name?

    I live not far from Lake Marion in South Carolina. Lake Marion got its name from the Revolutionary War hero, Francis Marion, (aka The Swamp Fox) who led several successful battles in this region. Judy
  13. Lady Marion

    Integrating breeds

    I have 25 Red Star pullets and 26 dominique pullets, three weeks old. I kept them in groups of a dozen, give or take, in wire-covered bins in the garage, and started taking them out to "play" at a week old. They are now three weeks old, almost fully feathered, and we are building them a coop...
  14. Lady Marion


    I am an avid deer hunter. I also hunt squirrels, and call predators. Have shot a couple of foxes, but need to shoot more next season to eliminate a chicken thief......
  15. Lady Marion

    Need to find chicken T-shirts

    Hi, I want to find a chicken T-shirt for my 11 year old daughter's birthday, which is the 19th (I know. A bit late to think of it). Her favorite chicken breed is Dominique. does anyone know where i can get a T-shirt with a nice Dominique image? Judy
  16. Lady Marion

    Chickens may have eaten goat de-wormer

    I also have goats. Dairy goats. Most wormers I would use for them have no milk withdrawal, so if my chickens got into them, I would personally not be worried. Of course, if they got into horse wormer, that would be a different story! Judy
  17. Lady Marion

    Heat stroke. Can she recover?

    She's fine!! I took her outside, and when she heard the other hens, she started "talking" back to them. I put her down, and she started heading toward the chicken tractor with the others. (Since I had let them all out before). She seemed perfectly normal, just a tad slow. I decided to leave...
  18. Lady Marion

    Heat stroke. Can she recover?

    Thanks! I made up some electrolytes (as I do for goats) and went to give her some. She fought me, which is a good sign! She did drink it, and then started pecking at some food I had put in for her to peck whenever she felt up to it. I think she will recover, but boy, was that too close! I'm...
  19. Lady Marion

    Heat stroke. Can she recover?

    It hit 100 degrees here today, and I checked on the chicken tractor, found the girls stressed, so I opened the nexting box door for better air flow, and to let some birds out. One chicken was really bad off because another bird was sitting on her. I pulled her out, got some water on her. She...
  20. Lady Marion

    Meat Chicken just died of heat. Can we process it?

    Gee. I almost lost a laying hen from heat stroke today! SC hit 100 today, and I found this poor girl under a couple other stressed hens. I ran the sprinkler on their chicken tractor, and opened the laying box door so the air would flow through. I took the worst hen and poured water on her...