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  1. foxy2320

    What is my chickie?

    This sweet little fuzz but is 2-3 days old. Daddy is for sure a blrw, but mama could either be blrw, slw, ameraucana, or bfcm. Whatever she is, she's adorable, but I'm curious!
  2. foxy2320

    One fluffy 1-2 day old chick, no other pips or rocking that I can tell - first time broody hatch!

    So I let my broody do her thing, it was actually more of a group effort as three broodies were taking turns on three nests. I've been candling along the way (when mama will let me), and in all the shuffling we lost a few at different stages due to unknowing layers stepping on them. It took me a...
  3. foxy2320

    Boy or girl?

    So I know it can be hard to tell at a young age (about 2 months) and with wyandottes especially, but any input is appreciated. Got them from the local store, supposed to be pullets, but one just seems a bit different. Shorter tail, a patch on each wing. What do you all think?[/IMG][/IMG]
  4. foxy2320

    Mystery hatch date!

    So I thought it was just coincidence that the same hen was always in the nest box when I would go to check the food and water, and then I realized today that she's broody, with a pretty decent sized clutch under her, a mix of all her flockmates' eggs as well. So I don't know exactly when she...
  5. foxy2320

    Is this heat lamp secure enough?

    I just got my first two chicks (have a flock of 10 outside) and I'm super afraid of a heat lamp fire, especially since our Rubbermaid "brooder" is in my daughter's room. I've read stories of faulty clamps, etc, and I would just die if something happened because I didn't know what I was doing. I...
  6. foxy2320

    Over-mated chicken?

    One of my black French copper marans seems to be my alpha roo's favorite...bare back, ruffled side feathers, but it also looks like one side of her face is white. The other side looks completely normal. She eats, drinks, runs, and otherwise socializes completely normally with the flock. It's...
  7. foxy2320

    Started my mealworms today...wish me luck!

    So my girls love the dried mealworms, but my wallet does not, so I decided to research raising my own. After trolling around on here for information I decided to take the plunge. I got some live mealies from a pet store last night, and got my wheat bran from the feed store today. I got the old...
  8. foxy2320

    New Roo Issue

    So I just found out this week that one my pullets (JayJay) is actually a cockerel. He hasn't displayed any roo behavior, he's about 6-7 months old, but apparently the blue laced red wyandottes are pretty slow-maturing. I brought in a 1.5 year old blue laced roo to diversify bloodline (JayJay is...
  9. foxy2320

    Pale combed hen?

    One of my blue laced red wyandottes came in last night with a really pale comb. We had a few frosty nights last week (I accidentally left the coop side door open, but it wasn't super cold), but it's been warm and off and on rainy since then. Everything looked fine on everyone up until last...
  10. foxy2320

    Heated waterer suggestions?

    Starting to prep for winter here in Oregon, so I'm wondering if anyone has tips or ideas for heated waterers. Right now I have a plastic waterer, but I figured that would be sufficient for winter. I have the capabilities to plug in via weather proof extension cord if I have to. Aaaand go!
  11. foxy2320

    Rooster Ratio

    I have 8 girls right now (I had 9, but one is turning into a handsome boy). He isn't crowing, isn't showing any signs of being sexually mature yet. He's a BLRW, and is only 6-7 months. I found another BLRW roo on craigslist that has more of the coloring I want, and I'm wondering if I can...
  12. foxy2320

    Hello from Oregon!

    Hello all! I'm a newbie, although I've been cruising around the site for a while now. I got my first flock of 8 in June. We lost one, replaced her with two, lost another one, replaced her with two more, then recently lost another one, but haven't gotten any more yet. And apparently (based on the...
  13. foxy2320

    Do I have a BLRW roo????

    I got my first 8 hens in June, they were all around 3 months. My Blue Laced Red Wyandottes are by far the slowest maturing, but they are now around 6-7 months, and one looks so much different than the other two. I was under the impression that by 3 months gender would be obvious, but I'm not...