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  1. mamajos

    How many cockerels?

    I see 2?
  2. mamajos

    Me and my girls!

    Hi Luna! Welcome! I’m just north of St. Paul. You will learn lots from all the experts on here-(I’m not one of them)-I’m learning too!:) We are all glad you are here!:wee
  3. mamajos

    Bumblefoot- what happened?

    What works for me, after you cut out the white goo, (yes it bleeds a lot) I put some pressure on the foot and quickly squirt on some neosporin-with out pain meds, put gauze on and wrap with thin strips of vet wrap. I have gauze and vet wrap all cut to size and ready because I place it on...
  4. mamajos

    Production Red?

    She looks like my welsummers. :)
  5. mamajos

    Our First Eggs!

    Did you know they sometimes cram into the same nest box at the same time to lay an egg?
  6. mamajos

    Lost my Hen today, so heartbroken

    :hitI’m so sorry! :hugs That is heartbreaking. They sure get into our hearts, don’t they??
  7. mamajos

    I GOT MY FIRST EGG !!!!!!

    I’m so happy for you! You got an early present!:weeAnd they keep coming!
  8. mamajos

    My sweet Lily is actually a Lionel...

  9. mamajos

    Parent of 17 hens 7 roosters

  10. mamajos

    Long time lurker ready to say hello

  11. mamajos

    6 of my birds died

    I’m so so sorry you lost your birds. :hit:hugs
  12. mamajos

    First eggs!!

    It’s so much fun to get eggs!!! :woot
  13. mamajos

    What breed is my duck?

    She is beautiful to me. We had a magpie duck once. They are great! And welcome!!!:frow
  14. mamajos

    New Here!!

    Welcome!! This is a great community to find answers to your chicken questions! So glad you are here!:frow
  15. mamajos

    Farm Innovators 250 Watt Stock tank deicer - question!

    I can say I’ve had the metal base heater, and it worked fine. I now have two of the Farm Innovator heaters in two different water buckets, and I really like them-have had no problems. You decide.
  16. mamajos

    Farm Innovators 250 Watt Stock tank deicer - question!

    Here is the store information on the Farm Innovator heater:
  17. mamajos

    The reason I am keeping chickens!

    Welcome!:frow I enjoyed your intro, and your chicken pics!!!
  18. mamajos

    Farm Innovators 250 Watt Stock tank deicer - question!

    It’s got a ground prong on the plug, and if you have it on a gfi circuit, you should be good without a rod. I never used a grounding rod—don’t know I’d do that.
  19. mamajos

    My coop needs more tenants.

  20. mamajos


    Welcome!! BYC is a great place with wonderful chicken experts. I learn so much from the BYC community!! and I hope you do too!:frow