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  1. Reptigirl

    What color is this Cochin? A Lavendar?

    I have a free range flock of assorted cochins. Most all of my chicks I have hatched are Black or Blue. I'm not sure WHAT color these chicks are, but I LIKE them! Colors I have/had at the time these eggs would have been laid: Roosters: Black, Red/Black, Millie & Barred (Black Frizzled Giant...
  2. Reptigirl

    Chickens are dieing... I don't get it

    I don't get it... I've lost 4 chicks in less then a month to a mystery. I lost my beautiful bantam cochin hen tonight. She was fine not 10 minutes before. I was tossing everyone there night time snack of scratch grains. (Maybe about 2 lbs between 30 chickens.) She was happily eating, I saw...
  3. Reptigirl

    Sick Broody Hen.... HELP

    My favorite LF Cochin went broody 3 days ago. She seemed fine and alert. Last night she jumped down, grabbed a bite to eat and went back to her eggs. Today she was on the eggs...then tonight I saw her standing alone out in the yard. When I walked up to her she didn't run or anything. She...
  4. Reptigirl

    Frizzled Silkie? Sizzled?

    Can someone tell me what to call these beautiful hens? Both hens have 5 toes & blue skin. Are they frizzled silkies or sizzles? I'm so confused! Gray Hen: Black Hen Whatever they are, I love there split tails =) The Trio: Can anyone tell me what color my Rooster is considered...
  5. Reptigirl

    Ruptured Crop! HELP!!!

    I have a very important little chick.. She is about 3-4 weeks old. I believe the chicks got attacked by a snake (not the 1st time here ) She is alive, and very bright eyes and active. But it seems her crop has ruptured. She is very important to me . Is there ANY hope to save her??? The only...
  6. Reptigirl

    Putting Eggs under a Broody Hen DAYS before hatching

    I have a question... I have 2 Cochin hens that went broody on me. 1 Giant has been sitting on NO eggs for about the last 7-10 days. I had collected eggs for the day and that night she decided to "sit". She only gets off the nest once a day to eat and drink. Then she sits again. It is...
  7. Reptigirl

    Need Help ~ Free Range Chickens ~ Parasites?

    Well I seem to have something going on with my chickens. I'm not entirely sure what it is and locating a polutry vet seems nearly impossible. I have called the local "avian" vets and they do not deal with chickens. I have also called the local vets to see if they will at least do a fecal for...
  8. Reptigirl

    Baby Chick with Swollen Crop & lethargic

    Need help!! I have about a 8 week old Millie Fleur cochin chick that I found this morning VERY lethargic & her crop is ballooned out. Doesn't appear to have anything in its crop. *JUST put a little pressure on the crop & she bubbled out a clearish/white liquid* This chick is very special to...
  9. Reptigirl

    Standard/Giant Cochin Eggs & Guinea Eggs

    Looking for a dozen LF (aka Standard/Giant) Cochin Hatching Eggs Also looking for a dozen Guinea Hatching Eggs I'm in Texas but I'm willing to pay the cost of shipping! Thanks!
  10. Reptigirl

    My Eggs just Don't pip! HELP!!!!

    Okay, well I MUST be doing something wrong! My very 1st set of eggs I ever hatched was VERY successful. These were shipped eggs & some of my own eggs. Since then the eggs just don't Pip?!?! Nothing has changed. 1 have one bator running at 100 degrees with humidity at 30% and an...
  11. Reptigirl

    Chicks hatched ... now they have stuck eyes!!! HELP

    Well I have my first ever baby chicks.. I hatched them out over the last 4 days. The newest ones hatched last night. They were fine when they hatched but now tonight I noticed they have eyes that are sticking closed. Not gunky. No discharge or anything. There eyes look clear.... I took a...
  12. Reptigirl

    First time hatching ~ Do I leave it alone?

    I'm hatching out my 1st set of eggs! They have been at 100 degrees. At first they were in a still air incubator @ about 30% humidity. Then on day 18 I moved them to a different incubator because I have 3 staggered hatches so the rest still need the turner. The second incubator is a forced...
  13. Reptigirl

    Refrigerating Hatching Eggs ~ How long have you done it?

    I know I have heard of a lot of people that have had success refrigerating eggs after they were laid and hatching them at a later point in time.... I'm wondering HOW long have you done it and still had reasonable success??? My incubator is totally FULL for about another 15 days. My Japaneses...
  14. Reptigirl

    Bantam Cochin? Color? Gender? *NEW PIC*

    I got these 8 ADORABLE babies as "Assorted Bantam Chicks" from a local lady. She said they were between a few days old up to about 2 weeks. She said her Roo was a Cochin & her Hens were Cochins & 1 Silkie. All the eggs were mixed together and she didn't know who was who's. Also said a few...
  15. Reptigirl

    LF Cochins ~ Gender?

    I was pretty sure these were pullets... But some of there recent behaviors have made me wonder.. The white ones especially have been challenging each other and a lot of the other chickens. I believe they are 3-4 months old. Opinions? #1 #2 #3 #4
  16. Reptigirl

    Cochin ~ Genetics question

    So I have recently acquired quiet a color variety of Cochins and I am a little curious about future breeding. My Roo is a Barred. I have been told that a Barred roo will produce mostly barred offspring no matter what color he is bred to. My girls are Solid White, Solid Black, Gold Laced...
  17. Reptigirl

    Cherry Egger ~ Roo or Pullet?

    I got this one as a Pullet but over the last month have started to second guess that. Supposed to be a Cherry Egger (RIR X New Hampshire) Approx. 3 months old. Seems to have really developed a lot over the last couple weeks compared to the others that are the same age... Opinions? Here...
  18. Reptigirl

    Sick Chickens! Need Help Fast!!!!

    Well I have only had my chickens about 10 days 2 weeks. Everything was going great until today. Last night everyone was fine. We moved there mobile coop and expanded there yard space last night. They are assorted pullets that are about 12 weeks old. This morning when I let them out of...
  19. Reptigirl

    New to chickens ~ Many Question!

    I've got so many questions! Hopefully I can get some good suggestions as to what to do. First off I have finally mixed my 2 groups of chickens and things are not going too well. Group 1 is 3 Japanese Bantams ( 2 Roos & 1 Hen) & RIR. The Bantams are about 5 months old and the RIR is about...
  20. Reptigirl

    Black Tailed Japanese Bantams ~ What gender?

    These Black Tailed Japanese Bantams are the first 3 chickens I have had in over 10 years. They were all supposed to be pullets but I'm thinking otherwise. I was told they are about 4/5 months old. The lady knew I ONLY wanted pullets.... I sure hope I'm wrong but what do you think? #1 I'm...