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  1. puebloyoga

    Chickens attacked by raccoon - how to help

    Miscommunication btw my husband and me, so a raccoon was able to get into our run b/c we didn't lock the door. I woke up in the middle of the night to the chicken's screeches. The raccoon was attacking one chicken right by my back door. When I opened the door, the raccoon ran away, and the...
  2. puebloyoga

    3 week old chick died - worried about others

    Help - one of our six 3-week old chickens died today. I was gone for a week while my husband and kids cared for the chicks, who seemed to be fine but getting crowded in their brooder box. They had been taking them outside for little jaunts. Today was a nice day and we were going to be working...
  3. puebloyoga

    what do you love/hate about your coop?

    I'm a newbie and am considering coops for my 6 chicks. I'm in grad school so probably won't have time to do much building - perhaps part of the run. Anything you would do differently with your coop design - anything you dislike about your coop/wish were different? What about special features...
  4. puebloyoga

    how often clean brooder/change wood chips - compost daily?

    Hello, I am wondering how often I should clean out my brooder of 6 chicks - I just put down pine chips. Also, how should I do it - should I completely compost out the wood chips every day, less/more often? Just take out the wet/dirty ones? Inquiring minds... Thanks new mama
  5. puebloyoga

    Newspaper ok instead of shavings?

    My chicks are just a few days old. I went to my local/small feed store and they didn't sell shavings and suggested using newspapers, so that's what they're on now. Is this ok? They suggested stripping them, but the chicks seemed to trip over them, so I've just putting down flat layers. We are in...
  6. puebloyoga

    how to identify chicks?

    Hi, I'm new to chicks (today!) and I just received my order of 6 chickens from 2 died en route Any good web site/resource to identify which ones survived (and didn't) -Jen Oakland, CA
  7. puebloyoga

    New from Oakland, CA

    Hello, Just wanted to introduce myself. We just got chicks today and am very nervous about raising these adorable chicks. Just wanted to give a shout out to everyone, especially other East Bay peeps. Jen chicks - still trying to figure out which ones survived the trek from CT