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  1. Skippersnh

    how Heat Treated Soybean meal for chickens feeding ?

    i have more to say your supper stupid
  2. Skippersnh

    Need help with my chickens

    what are we talking about im lost
  3. Skippersnh

    Egg cartons

    throw them away
  4. Skippersnh

    Need help with my chickens

    nothing that your asking is making sense to me
  5. Skippersnh

    Merry Chickmas

    great photo
  6. Skippersnh

    The flocks first winter

    my flock stays inside when there is snow on the ground
  7. Skippersnh

    Crow or cluck?

    pullets your lucky
  8. Skippersnh

    Rehabilitating an aggressive cockerel

    star is on the top roost with the rest of the flock tonight half the battle is won i just have to work on him biting me now
  9. Skippersnh

    Roosters to hens ratio

    i have 4 roosters and 5 hens and they are all healthy and happy it really depends on space youve gotten alot of bad advice so far from what ive read
  10. Skippersnh

    Rehabilitating an aggressive cockerel

    today i let star out with the rest of the flock and they started fighting at first but then he ran and hid from my other roosters this is a good sign because the fighting should be done im gonna give him a chance to enter the coop with the rest of the flock at bedtime
  11. Skippersnh

    Will Muscovy Females Fly Away?

    your not clipping both wings they will still be able to fly if you do you need to clip just one wing i made that mistake with my muscovies and they would fly to neighbors everyday
  12. Skippersnh

    Really a Barred Rock? Variability in Coloring

    looks like my 1 year old maran is what i was thinking because shes darker than my br
  13. Skippersnh

    Roosting age

    have you solved the coyote problem
  14. Skippersnh

    KDOGG331’s Hatch Thread!!!

    we had lobster, salmon, clams, and shrimp for thanksgiving
  15. Skippersnh

    KDOGG331’s Hatch Thread!!!

    wow im gone for 48 hours and have 30 pages to read @KDOGG331 congrats on your chicks
  16. Skippersnh

    Why did one stop growing?

    bet the bigger one is a boy
  17. Skippersnh

    I ran from my rooster

    how old is your rooster?
  18. Skippersnh

    Rehabilitating an aggressive cockerel

    i let Star out to have some time with the flock yesterday but it only lasted about 5 minutes he started eating out of the food bowl and my lead rooster did not like that and the fighting began roosters usually get tired out in about 10 minutes but i didnt let it last that long because they were...