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  1. awyatt10

    6.5 week old chicks

    Happy to say our chicks are now 6.5 weeks old. We’re pretty sure the one is a Red, but we’re completely baffled with the other chick. It’s feathers are white, and it’s skin is gray/black. We have no white hens. Fingers crossed they’re both hens.
  2. awyatt10

    We have our 1st time with chicks!❤️

    Two hatched yesterday and one egg left to go. Woo hoo!
  3. awyatt10

    New Introduction

    Hi all. I’ve used this site for so much info & have no idea why I waited so long to join. My husband and I have had chickens for well over a year. We’ve had up to 32 chickens, but the foxes have helped that number dwindle greatly. With only 2 survivors from the last attack (which we took the...