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  1. Coopcrazys Chicken Coop

    Coopcrazys Chicken Coop

    So a little about me and my family. My name is Josh, I am 27 and am raising two amazing little boys Aaron (7) and Nathaniel (4). We currently co-habitate with my sister, nephew and just recently her fiance and his daughter.Ugh>. But enough about us, meet my other family. Here is our first bunch...
  2. Il Mio Bello Palazzo Del Pollo

    Il Mio Bello Palazzo Del Pollo

    Il Mio Bello Palazzo del Pollo "My Beautiful Chicken Palace" Ok so it aint that beautiful but me and the girls really like it...
  3. CoopCrazy

    Coop For Sale with Mini Flock Included Edinburgh, IN

    Needing to sell my coop and flock ... The coop is 8x4 with a three hole nest box.. Birds included are: 1 Pheonix Cross Hen 1 Barred Rock Hen 2 Easter Egger Hens 1 Black Austrolop HEn and 1 Spanish/Royal Palm cross tom.. Hes a site .. Great attitude and drop dead pretty.. Please email to my...
  4. CoopCrazy

    Cornishx - nasty poo.... sick? Heres the poo chart link .. Hope it helps
  5. CoopCrazy

    Cornishx - nasty poo.... sick?

    I would try to find the poo chart on here and see if it matches any known illnesses.. if you can I would seperate .. If i was the least concerend about one of my meaties i seperated immeditaly.. better safe then sorry
  6. CoopCrazy

    Emergency! My hen is dying! (Possible sour crop??)

    Quote: Right now you really dont have to worry about feeding her .. Force feeding can kill a bird the can aspirate or drown.. I would be keeping her a in a dark, warm, quiet box for now with access to food and water.. If yu can get some veg or olivee oil mixed into her food then if she is...
  7. CoopCrazy

    Can you believe this Craigslist ad??

    I think its a great idea.. And way nicer on the hens and roos involved.. No hen injuries from too many roos and no roos fighting..
  8. CoopCrazy

    Depserately Need Turkeys by Nov 15th

    I am looking for butcher ready turkeys to purchase before Nov 15 I have an order to fill and due to bad breeding by the Hathcery out of 30 birds only 14 have survived twited leg.. The processor is set for the 15th so I would need to aquire them before then.. We are looking for dressed weight of...
  9. CoopCrazy

    Icelandic Chickens

    Quote: Oh I am so sorry to hear this. When you get things secured and you want to try again, let me know. Maybe I can hook you up with some hatching eggs. I learn from every experience where someone loses birds and use that information to make sure I have done everything I can to protect...
  10. CoopCrazy

    Privett Hatchery

    Not sure about there chickens but over 70% of my BBW trkeys ended up with twisted leg.. so I personally wont be ordering from them again...
  11. CoopCrazy

    I'm getting a platypus!!!!(lie)

    Dont they have poisunous claws?????
  12. CoopCrazy

    Icelandic Chickens

    I have a very sad update for you all.. We had a predator get into our coop and kill both of my Icelandic birds... To the Warden I am so sorry that this has happened.. I truly thought I had a secure coop but the mink/weasel that got to them has proven otherwise.. I do want to thank you again for...
  13. CoopCrazy

    So cute - add a caption!!

    California Girls were undeniable....
  14. CoopCrazy

    What are they doing???

    I dont why they do it but mine will do the same they always want to drink the water of the ground instead of the nice cold clean water... They're just silly birds
  15. CoopCrazy

    coturnix male Bully..

    Do you have tupperware containers and some chicken wire, or screen,, you coul d make some temporary cages for them ... May i ask why you dont just offer them for free on Craigslist or someother site.. or you could have them processed and have a yummy dinner.( sorry I hope that doesnt offend you)
  16. CoopCrazy

    The Bear is back!

    I think they suggested that so that the ber would try to take a bite of the bacon get zapped by the fence and in turn becames afraid of the fence...
  17. CoopCrazy

    coturnix male Bully..

    as much room and as many places to hide as possible... Honestly this will just continue to get worse uintil you either get lots of girls in there or seperate..
  18. CoopCrazy

    New meaties questions...

    Persnally I havent fed any of my meat animals medicated feed.. No longer then they are alive I worry that it will still be in the meat when i process... As long as they are kept clean and dry you really dont need it Also defintly dont leave them, with the bantams .. They will be crushed early
  19. CoopCrazy

    OK, it's official, Coturnix ARE as tame, at least, as chickens!

    Mrs. Fluffy Puffy : joe125: Yes coturnix are lovely creatures! Would it be possible for a committed coturnix raiser to give advice on coturnix without an 800000 poster (without any practical experience) running rough shod over people that have actually raised a few thousand of the little...