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    Coop Building Process Look Back At The Lessons Learned

    During the coop building process and the months following several things came up which we will call "lessons learned." BAD IDEAS 1. Do NOT use stick-on vinyl tiles! The chickens will scratch them up and tear them apart in no time. A solid sheet of vinyl would be an excellent choice though...
  2. Construction


    Construction Begins The first phase of any construction project includes gathering materials. In our case, we also needed to make some repairs to the doors and windows we found. All the old glazing needed replaced along with a few pieces of glass (oops). Since this type of work can be done...
  3. Garden Run

    Garden Run

    To give the kids a place to play while we built their permanent run we constructed this lightweight movable run. Once the run construction is finished it will attach to a chicken hutch that we'll use as a hospital pen or bachelor pad. The permanent run will be 14' x 28' x 6'. We used landscape...
  4. Interior


    Since we live in Indiana, and the winters here can last half the year, we decided to install insulation. With it, we believe a lot of frozen water founts can be avoided. We also installed stick on vinyl tile on the floor for easy cleaning. ***UPDATE six months later, the tiles were a bad idea...
  5. The Chicken Garden Coop

    The Chicken Garden Coop

    The Chicken Garden by Mike & Christine One of the greatest benefits to raising chickens is the abundance of fertilizer they so freely provide while eating weeds and bugs. So it only makes sense that chickens and gardens should go together. Or should they? Follow along through the trials and...
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    Gorgeous Easter Egger Bantam Roo - Central IN

    I have a gorgeous roo that I have been hoping to keep that I must part with. He and his daddy are no longer friends. He is not aggressive towards humans at all. He's on the big end of the bantam size scale. Almost one year old. Free to a good BYC home.
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    School project - Simple Survey of McMurray Hatchery.

    Thanks everyone, here is a link to the paper in case you're interested in the results.
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    School project - Simple Survey of McMurray Hatchery.

    The reviews are helpful, but the paper requires that I compare the answers to the survey. So I really need the answers to the specific questions.
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    School project - Simple Survey of McMurray Hatchery.

    Hello all, I am a college student this sememster and I need to write an evaluation paper for my ENG111 class. Since it's about that time of year, I've decided to evaluate McMurray Hatchery. I am attempting to determine if McMurray is adequately meeting the needs of today's hobby farmer. If you...
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    Bantam Easter Egger - Central IN

    I have three bantam EE boys that need new homes. Not aggressive towards humans at all. Would be great pets. We are located just west of Indianapolis.
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    Chickens want to sleep outside

    Get rid of the outdoor roost in the run. It's the only way you'll get them to go back inside.
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    EE Bantam Rooster FREE Central Indiana

    I have a handsome little bantam Easter Egger Roo that needs a new home ASAP. He can't stay here (too many roos) and I'd hate to have to send him to freezer camp. We are about 30 minutes west of Indianapolis.
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    Post Pics Of Your Chicken With Worst Molt

    Now she doesn't even have that one feather in her tail. Even it's gone.
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    Show Off your good Photos

    Remember the evil gym teacher you had in Jr. High? Yeah, meet Miss Floppsy. She keeps everyone in formation around here.
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    We're having a hard time molting! Pictures

    Mine are just as bad! I've never had them molt quite like this before.
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    Post PICS of your GLORIOUS ROOSTERS here!!! All breeds welcome!

    I love this thread. I got a good shot of my golden boy, JB, yesterday.
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    My Paradise~~Big Daddy and His Ladies

    I love Big Daddy! He's so handsome.
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    Just some new pics... everyone local is shocked...

    Awesome shots! I totally want polish hens for the very same reason.
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    Post pics of your favorite deceased or alive chickens

    Quote: ROTFL! That's just wrong. *shaking head*