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  1. RuffTuffCreampuff

    Almost done with a hoop house and have a few questions....PICS post #9

    I built my roosts out of left over 2" pvc. No problems so far. I built another roost out of left over 1"x 1" scrap lumber. Both seem to work out ok. My nest boxes are 5 gallon kitty litter buckets. My favorite hoop coop is a triple I built for my guineas and turkeys. The back wall is...
  2. RuffTuffCreampuff

    Texas summer heat

    Anyone who has lived in Texas through the summer will affirm these. 1. Asphalt has a liquid phase. 2. You can actually drive a car with just one finger. 3. Seatbelt buckles make good branding irons. 4. Your greatest fear about bicycling is not being hit by a car, but cooking to death on the...
  3. RuffTuffCreampuff

    Guinea Coop Question

    My small flock of guineas are housed in a 12'x8' hoop coop. I used three cattle panels for the top and framed the bottom with 2"x6". The end framing is 2"x4". The DW found a gallon of brown stain for just a few bucks to pretty up the project. The bottom 3' of the panel tops are covered with...
  4. RuffTuffCreampuff

    Snail mugging (joke)

    A snail was crossing the street and got mugged by two turtles. The police were summoned, and a report was made. "Can you describe your assailants?" asked the officer. "Not really," replied the snail, "it all happened so fast!"
  5. RuffTuffCreampuff

    The Three-legged Pig

    A county agent visited a farm and observed a three-legged pig. Understandbly curious, he aked the farmer about this animal. "That's no ordinary pig" stated the old farmer. "Two weeks ago, my barn caught fire during the night. That pig came into the house, woke me up, led me to the barn and...
  6. RuffTuffCreampuff

    Texas Member List - Updated 1/2010

    Put me down for Gainesville in Cooke County. John
  7. RuffTuffCreampuff

    Hog rings and 1/2" hardware cloth.

    I use hog rings to join the cattle panels that form the roof of my hoop coops. I use j-clips to attach hardware cloth to the bottom two feet and 1" chicken wire to the tops. The cattle panels are nailed to a 2"x6" bottom frame with 1' staples. John
  8. RuffTuffCreampuff

    What kills brown recluse spiders?

    As a recent brown recluse victim I can tell you this: 1. Shake out shoe/boots before putting them on. 2. Put work gloves on the ground and STOMP on them. My spider was in the finger of my gloves. Plus, it softens a stiff leather glove. 3. Brown recluses are shy of the light. Any clothing...
  9. RuffTuffCreampuff

    gonna give 200 eggs the hot bath......

    After boiling and cooling, soak 'em in vinegar overnight. Much easier and quicker to peel. John
  10. RuffTuffCreampuff

    Guinea Keets in hot weather

    Welcome! I know how hot it gets in S. Texas..I grew up there. The good news is this: guineas are from Africa and they seem to manage the heat better. But the humidity could be a problem. My young guineas are already feathered out but not yet adult size. I moved them outside into cages and...
  11. RuffTuffCreampuff

    It's a wrap girls! I'm finished!

    Great job. This is a man who owns a miter saw. John
  12. RuffTuffCreampuff

    kill time 2:45am...........

    It's true..."palmetto bug"= honkin' huge roach. It's what you call them in polite company. They are indeed impressive. But.. for savage amusement, try dealing with a giant water bug down the back of your shirt. John
  13. RuffTuffCreampuff

    WHOOOT ... We got an egg we got an egg

    You're hooked. Soon you will be slowing down, looking at piles of scrap lumber, wire, and whatnot wondering if any of it can be used to build quail housing. I forsee trips to the back of feed stores, pawing through piles of scrap pallets and transporting your finds home. Your computer files...
  14. RuffTuffCreampuff

    Guineas alerted me of a Rattler!

    Guineas do sound off about everything. But I'm used to such updates...I have a bunch of dogs in my front yard who keep me updated constantly.."Look out!! A squirrel is in the trees!!! It's here to murder us all!!" John
  15. RuffTuffCreampuff

    guinea coop?

    I'm building a guinea coop as well. My design is an expanded hoop coop. It measures 8'x12'. The bottom boards are 2"x6" and I used 3 cattle panels for the top. The panels are tied together with hog rings and the bottoms are secured with 1" staples. At the ground level, the bottom 2' feet of...
  16. RuffTuffCreampuff

    Things you've learned while building your coop...

    I like to build hoop coops with cattle panel. Here's what I have learned: 1. When forming the hoop, tie the botton of the panel with a length of rope. Those things are springy, and will flatten you as well when they "unspring". 2. Shake out work gloves BEFORE putting them on. Brown recluse...
  17. RuffTuffCreampuff

    Not 1 hatched from shipped eggs should I contact the breeder? Update!

    Quote: If it were me, I would contact her. Her packing the eggs in loose paper, didn't prevent the eggs from shifting during shipment. Doesn't really matter that they were packed in bubblewrap, if the egg is shifting around they can get scrambled. Shoot, I have had properly packed eggs, get...
  18. RuffTuffCreampuff

    Small owls?

    Thanks for all the input, y'all. A further inspection revealed the right wing was missing along with the neck and head. The right side of the body was also denuded of feathers. Perhaps the pen mates pecked them off? I will research Texas owls and try to pinpoint what is confirmed for my area...
  19. RuffTuffCreampuff

    Chickens & Spiders out for the brown recluse spider. I imagine that the chickens would make quick work of any spider short of a tarantula, but I'm on the tail-end of nursing a brown recluse bite I sustained when I put on a pair of work gloves to work on a new coop. The double butt-full rochephin...