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  1. Attila the Honey

    Ok to keep chickens and goats in Antrim Township, Shiawassee County, MI?

    How about keeping chickens and pet goats within the city limits of the town of Ovid, MI? I know that area is very pro agriculture. Just wondering.
  2. Attila the Honey

    Ok to keep chickens and goats in Antrim Township, Shiawassee County, MI?

    I am hoping to move back to MI ASAP. I have been gone for close to 30 years, so a lot has changed. I am looking for a small piece of land with home, in Shiawassee County, MI. I have found a couple in Antrim Township, but cannot find any zoning information. Is it ok to have, say, 15 hens and...
  3. Attila the Honey

    Michigan Thread - all are welcome!

    That was meant as a reply to tntchix.
  4. Attila the Honey

    Michigan Thread - all are welcome!

    I sent you a PM.
  5. Attila the Honey

    Michigan Thread - all are welcome!

    Yes, I am ready to move! I can do more in winter there, than I can in summer here! It won't be until next year though. I was thinking about calling them too. And no way would I give them my real name! No need to bring unwanted attention to myself!
  6. Attila the Honey

    Michigan Thread - all are welcome!

    Hi. My name is Susan and currently I live in Tucson, AZ. I am originally from MI, (Shiawassee County) and I will be moving back in the near future. I have a couple of questions for anyone in that area. Are there any towns that allow chickens within city limits? Does anyone know the zoning...
  7. Attila the Honey

    Michigan Member List- In MI? Come join our list of fellow Michiganders

    Susan (Attila the Honey) Tucson, AZ...moving back to MI in near future!
  8. Attila the Honey

    3 month old turkey behavior?

    I was actually wondering the same thing about mine. I have 3 Royal Palms. One is definitely a tom. He puffs up, struts his stuff (has done this even at a week old!) and is getting a longer snood, a start of a beard (I think that is what the coarse hair in the middle of the breast is called)...
  9. Attila the Honey

    Turkey in need of medical care

    I have a half grown Royal Palm tom who appears to have been attacked by a hawk or owl. He appears to have puncture marks and is missing some feathers. I'm worried about a punctured lung or air sac. Does anyone know of a veterinarian in Tucson, AZ who sees poultry?
  10. Attila the Honey

    Contest Ended - Tell Us Your Funniest Chicken Story to Win Six Bags of Feed from Nutrena!

    When I bought my first chicks, I didn't have a proper coop. They lived in a large wire dog cage, that was kept open for them to go into at night. My boyfriend and I spent a couple of weekends building their coop and Thelma, one of my Barred Rocks, supervised the entire project, down to the...
  11. Attila the Honey

    Comment by 'Attila the Honey' in article 'Tailfeather Cottage'

    Nice job! Where in MI? I grew up there and am thinking (dreaming) of moving back.
  12. Attila the Honey

    New layer, some issues(soft shell, etc)

    I had the same thing happen today. I have a plastic patio table in the run for shade and another place to get out of the rain. My youngest pullets like to hang out on the table. I found a smallish egg on the table today. I went to pick it up and found it to be very soft. It is like there is...
  13. Attila the Honey

    Small egg

    Thanks. I have heard that term (fart egg) before too, but had forgotten it. If you hear anything, let me know.
  14. Attila the Honey

    Comment by 'Attila the Honey' in article 'Harleena's Laundry Bucket Waterer'

    I like your system better than the rest I have seen. It is exactly what I was looking for in a waterer.
  15. Attila the Honey

    Small egg

    Anyone else get very small eggs at times? The other 2 are normal sized large eggs. The one in the middle?????
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  17. Attila the Honey

    Chicken Coop Tour

    I won't be going on the tour this year, my girls will be a part of the tour! Most places you can go up to the coop, some you can go in, if it is large enough. A lot of people have you walk through a shallow pan of bleach water, to protect their birds from any cooties you bring in. It was a...
  18. Attila the Honey

    Chicken Coop Tour

    The Food Conspiracy in Tucson is holding it's 4th annual Chicken Coop Tour on Saturday, December 3rd.
  19. Attila the Honey

    Stupid question - identifying birds of prey

    I meant to say the silhouette's are "in flight" - what you see from the ground.