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  1. samouw

    Breeding to the SOP - Serious discussion about Ameraucanas, including project colors such as splash,

    This is a thread for the serious discussion of breeding, showing, and the genetics of true Ameraucana, according to the US APA/ABA Standard of Perfection. Pictures of EE, OE, or other breeds are not allowed. Please introduce yourself. I'll start - I've been breeding Ameraucanas since 2011...
  2. samouw

    Ameraucana, black, started birds, pair

    I have multiple pairs of black cockerels and pullets from this spring's hatch available, for pick up only in Aiken, SC. NPIP/AI clean, but no shipping available for these birds. These are not culls - these are extras that I need to move out before my surgery. All of these birds came from one...
  3. samouw

    Wheaten Ameraucana cockbird 1 year old

    I have a young, just turned one year old, wheaten Ameraucana cockbird. He was bred by Paul Smith and has been in my breeding pen since the first of the year. He has produced reliably and some very nice chicks. Buyer to pay shipping costs. NPIP/AI #56-499.
  4. samouw

    Livestock reduction in Aiken, SC

    Livestock reduction sale in Aiken, SC 1. 13 EE chicks, 8-16 wks old. These are culls from my wheaten/blue wheaten Ameraucana breeding project. For one reason or another, they do not meet the standard for an Ameraucana show quality chicken and I'm selling them as EEs. They will lay beautiful blue...
  5. samouw

    1 Doz Wheaten/blue wheaten Ameraucana Eggs for hatching

    1 Doz wheaten Ameraucana eggs for hatching. All eggs are within 2-3 days old from day of shipment and are marked in pencil with the collection date and what pen they came out of. This is my third year are breeding wheaten Ameraucanas. I started with a lovely wheaten cockerel and blue wheaten...
  6. samouw

    Blue/lavender or lilac Sebastopol geese

    I am in Aiken, Sc and looking for the blue Sebastopol geese - male and female. Can be young or older. Please contact me through byc or [email protected] Thank you!
  7. samouw

    Custom built chicken coop - 5' x 8'

    Custom built chicken coop for sale. This is not one of those diy order off the internet coops. It was custom built by my husband for my chickens. The only reason we are selling is because we are moving to a new place and we are building a new coop. The coop is one year old. The siding is...
  8. samouw

    Various young cockerels ftgh

    I have two Barred Rock hens, good layers, for sale. I need to make room for chicks purchased earlier this spring. One 1bt 12 wk old Blk & Silver Sussex roo. I also have two young wheaten Marans cockerels - abt 10-12 wks old. There are also 2 Cochin x Silky cross Frizzle (or curly, if you...
  9. samouw

    Aiken, SC - WTB BLRW and SS

    I am replacing my RIR and BR flock with various different breeds and am still looking for two to complete my selection (well, for now, anyway) Blue laced red wyandottes Speckled Sussex I would prefer to pick up, but will pay shipping if absolutely necessary. Will accept straight run, but...
  10. samouw

    South Carolina Meet-up, Swap for 2012 Anyone?

    Last year was so great! Anyone planning to do it again this year?
  11. samouw

    Am looking for...(chicks) SS and BLRW

    I am looking for several new chickens to replenish my flock: chicks 1day-6wks old (straight run or pullets) 2-3 BLRW 2-3 Speckled Sussex These would need to be good breeding, but not show quality. I am in Aiken, SC and can drive to pick up or pay for shipping. Price shown above is...
  12. samouw

    I am cute, sexy, and have a feathered butt and looking for ....

    Ok...this really isn't one of my hens typing, but I am looking for a true Ameraucana rooster. I have a small flock of 6 BR hens (orig from Mt. McHealthy) and 5 RIR hens (also from Mt. McHealthy). I am replacing a RIR rooster who has just become too mean to put up with anymore. I am in Aiken...
  13. samouw

    Which breed? Sooo many options from which to choose

    I have a small flock of 13... well, 14 if you include Curly Sue the house chicken...of RIRs and Barred Rock. My rooster is a RIR, but he is going away soon. He has attacked me and my husband and we've decided not to keep him. I also would like to replace a few of my smaller RIR's and maybe...
  14. samouw

    Barred Rock can't walk

    One of my Barred Rock hens can't walk. She was in the coop yard this morning, upright but won't walk. I picked her up and put her in a separate pen for today so the other chickens wouldn't pick on her. I just cleaned out her little pen and she is still not walking. She is bright-eyed, alert...
  15. samouw

    Maxey, GA - anyone know what the regs/restrictions might be?

    I am looking at a house in Maxey, Ga (just south of Athens) and couldn't find anything in the Regs section here. Before I run to the local gov offices and start asking questions, I thought someone here might know.... TIA edited to read Maxey, GA, not Waxey, GA - that's what I get for trying...
  16. samouw

    A newbie learns a lesson....or, don't laugh, you could bd next

    Okay, I will confess to a certain smugness while reading other folks' experience with mean roosters. I just knew that my sweet, loving little boys would never attack me! I am their mommy... I raised them, fed them, let them sit on my shoulder and eat my diamond earrings! Well, only one pair of...
  17. samouw

    Diamond eggs? - Warning Pic Heavy

    Okay, I have to say first that I really love my chickies! I am a newbie with chickens, but my husband (Iowa-bred farm boy) had lots of chickens growing up on the farm. He talked me into this - well, maybe it didn't take much talking - by convincing me how much cheaper it would be to raise our...
  18. samouw

    RIR chicks with white feather caps?

    I'll post a pic tomorrow when it is lighter, but as my (about 4 wk old) RIR chicks feather out, three of them have significant white caps on their wings. I'm not sure what the proper terminology would be, but as where the shoulder would be. On one of the three, almost half the wing is white...
  19. samouw

    Just a quick intro

    Hi everyone; Thanks for having such a great resource! I am a newbie at chicken raising and know little or nothing about it. My hubby, an Iowan farm boy, knows more but it looks like I'll be the primary caretaker. We just brought home 10 Barred Rocks hens, 6 RIR hens, and 3 RIR roosters -...