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  1. ShanandGem

    Show your bantams

    This is my Crele OEGB flock. The rooster is one. The hens are different ages. I am eight years old and live in Canada.
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    ~Show Off Your Bantams~!

    This is Louie and Della. I don't have any Golden Duckwing hens right now so that's why they are together. She is Black Breasted Red.
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    Gemma again, this time this is my Golden Duckwing OEGB rooster Louie.
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    FERMENTED FEEDS...anyone using them?

    This is the problem with the internet. Hearsay becomes fact almost instantly. I need at least three separate sources before I take something as accurate, especially when online researching.
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    I see in your signature line that you have been an editor for nearly 30 years. I have to say, I have read several of your posts in multiple areas of the forums and I find them incredibly difficult to understand. Lack of punctuation, run on sentences, and a general lack of cohesion are rampant...
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    A chicken couldn't survive on scratch grains and wheat.
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    Wooden Coop Doors Won't Shut in Winter

    My coop doors are all giving me fits too. Some I have to jam shut with a short piece of wood for a brace. Mostly it's from warping, or hinges getting full of bedding (five of my coops have doors that are hinged on the bottom. What a mistake that was.)
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    What treat did your chickies get today?

    Popcorn (no butter, no salt), Goldfish crackers and sunflower seeds.
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    FERMENTED FEEDS...anyone using them?

    My hens' yolks are HUGE and now I know why!
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    What should I use for Nesting Material?

    Mine do that too! I think using something like a towel deprives them of that instinctual nesting habit.
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    1 year old, still hasn't laid...please help

    I have a Bantam cross pullet that is nearly a year old and hasn't laid an egg. She is sleek and healthy, and so I am just waiting her out. The term 'late bloomer' comes to mind...
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    Decrease in Eggs in February? Is this normal?

    If haven't changed anything about their environment and diet and they all seem healthy, I would think they are just having a break. You could try cooking them a small piece of fish for a protein boost, but other than that patience seems to be key when it comes to hens' laying cycles.
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    Established hens accepting young rooster

    Is he sexually mature? Once my young cockerel reached maturity he just naturally picked up the reins as flock leader. And he is part Bantam and 1/3 the size of some of the hens in this particular flock.
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    Free Range in Snowy Weather: What do you do?

    Mine have adjusted to the snow, despite hating it initially. I still throw open their doors every morning and some will plow through chest deep snow to get to the carport where the ground is bare. I reward them with some BOSS to scratch around and search for. I figure if they have the choice...
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    Scaly leg mites

    I had two hens with scaley leg mites so bad they were lame. I dipped them in a solution of vegetable oil, coconut oil and several drops of tea tree oil. Heated the whole concoction in the microwave until it was warm. I held them in the solution for several minutes, as long as they would allow...
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    Homemade Chicken Feed 200 lbs @ $0.39 per Pound

    Another point of note is that buying methionine supplements on a small scale is insanely expensive. I can cook fresh frozen fish intended for human consumption and serve it to my chickens cheaper than I can supplement a vegetarian feed with methionine.
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    WOW IS IT COLD IN Orange COUNTY NY! AM I keeping my chickens safe?

    Is there power in the coop? If you're losing sleep over it, you can buy low wattage infrared heat lamps (60w) from pet stores that sell reptile supplies. I employ heat lamps when the temperature plummets. With infrared heat, they don't heat the air, just objects, so the chickens can stand...
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    When your chickens get old and die...

    This is a distasteful topic for some, but a vital part of chicken keeping. I just want to applaud everyone involved on this thread for sharing their ideas, thoughts and opinions in a respectful way.
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    When your chickens get old and die...

    We use this system. The last time we culled it was just one rooster, as I had been attacked quite savagely earlier in the day. He was asleep when my husband went into the coop to grab him, and he never even woke up. It was completely quiet, quick and humane.