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  1. Huntergatherr

    Ambient Room Temperature for Brinsea Bator

    So I bought a mini eco 2....which I didn't realize had no egg turning capacity..... Well we don't keep out home heated above the low 50°f and I am thinking about putting the incubator in a container....has anyone done this?? Previously I had an unsuccessful incubation in a small greenhouse...
  2. Huntergatherr

    Lesson learned: Isolate a broody goose from her flock if you want her to be an interspecie surrogate

    That's crazy the Balut eggs hatched black ducklings, but you are a good bird human to do it. Where does one buy Balut eggs? I assumed that most Balut eggs would be from Peking ducks. Sorry for the fickle Geese:(
  3. Huntergatherr

    Apparently I'm a bad poultry owner

    It is so cold out in the next few days, I think I should keep my birds locked up.....
  4. Huntergatherr

    Metal corrugated roof! Ugh...

    I never thought of this!! I am glad I read this!!
  5. Huntergatherr

    Pennsylvania!! Unite!!

    Thanks for responding, I will be interested in the babies in the spring! Keep me updated, I am about 50 mins away!
  6. Barred Rock, Easter Egger

    Barred Rock, Easter Egger

  7. Yard flock

    Yard flock

  8. Yard flock

    Yard flock

  9. House flock

    House flock

  10. Call ducks!

    Call ducks!



  12. Huntergatherr

    Drake has a high pitch squeal???

    Sounds like a girl to me! Our lady is named Donald Trump Duck, and she gets squeaky!
  13. Huntergatherr

    Currently looking to buy call ducks in Pennsylvania.

    Currently looking to buy call ducks in Pennsylvania.
  14. Huntergatherr

    Chicken Original

    After 2 years though?? Definitely pictures, she should be studied!!!
  15. Huntergatherr

    Pennsylvania!! Unite!!

    Does ANYONE in SE PA have call ducks for sale?
  16. Huntergatherr

    Fish Thread

    I have been trying to breed for years unsuccessfully! Stage 1 was 13 + different VT, 2 dbl tail delta, and 1 half moon P. I achieved the fry stage 3 times, then failure. Stage 2 was 3 males, 2-3 females over 4 years, and limited devotion to breeding. I did have a copper orchid female and she...