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  1. kcan2

    First d’Uccle Eggs!

    Wow, what a nice little batch! D'uccles are the best!
  2. kcan2

    First egg and some frozen

    Yay - congrats on that first egg! What a great way to start the new year! Mine started laying on Dec. 19 here in northern MI and I was so excited :D
  3. kcan2

    Can't look out my window

    Since most days I feel more like a chicken slave than a chicken owner, I suppose my chickens have trained me well! :rolleyes:
  4. kcan2

    It's 13 degrees outside...And I am worried

    Yes, I have thought this too... The wild birds are probably thinking, "you guys are such wimps!" Our wild birds are actually spoiled too, though. We spend a lot on seedcakes and black seed each month :)
  5. kcan2

    Sending my greetings from NC!

    Hello! This community has been the next most addicting thing to me since becoming a chicken owner last fall! (The chickens being the most addicting thing, of course!) Any chance you will start a flock of your own someday?
  6. kcan2

    First egg!!! Now what?

    Thanks, Mary! I will comfort myself with the hopes of more soon! I was certainly surprised that she started laying in the dead of winter, but it was a great pre-Christmas surprise! Thanks for the support! I will get it out of the coop and become a chicken hawk myself! Thank you gtaus! I'm sure...
  7. kcan2

    First egg!!! Now what?

    My hen laid her very first egg ever today! This was all very exciting as I am a new chicken owner and she is my first hen...but now I have questions! 1. What happens if I leave it? My rooster already "put it back to bed" in the pine shavings; he dug it a little hole. 2. How long can it stay...
  8. kcan2

    Hen not having it

    Yikes! Hope he tasted good at least!?
  9. kcan2

    Hen not having it

    LOL too funny! My rooster would definitely appreciate that. I am excited to peek in the coop later when we get back home to see if there is an egg!
  10. kcan2

    Hen not having it

    Omg! I actually think she is getting ready to lay her very first egg which coincidentally will also be my first egg as a chicken owner! I disturbed her twice by opening the coop door before I realized what might be going on... Anxiously waiting :) :fl
  11. kcan2

    It's 13 degrees outside...And I am worried

    Thanks for the heads-up, I will remember that because "muscling" is not a personal strong point of mine... always good to know a product that works well the first time, thank you!
  12. kcan2

    It's 13 degrees outside...And I am worried

    @NHMountainMan , is this the waterer you have?
  13. kcan2

    Hen not having it

    Thank you! Does that mean your rooster is past tense like your statement!?:gig :yuckyuck Hang onto those nice guys!
  14. kcan2

    Hen not having it

    A short poem from the perspective of my new little hen regarding the advances of my rooster: Not Having It Today he tried to get me to eat some cheese but I was really not having it Yesterday he circled me and dropped a wing but seriously I'm not that into having it He's got nice feet...
  15. kcan2

    Bantam hen breed?

    Ah she is so cute! I'm no help identifying breed but wanted to pay her a compliment :)
  16. kcan2

    Treating under wing and feet burns?

    It sounds like he has been feisty this week! "Trying to toast himself" made me laugh! The things pets put us through smh...
  17. kcan2

    I’m stumped and can’t think of a name..

    Wow he is a looker! The first name that came to mind was "Burky" but he may be a little more dignified than that name based on his personality? :idunno
  18. kcan2

    Treating under wing and feet burns?

    Oh no! Poor birdy. I wonder if the grease under his wing is what's bugging him most and not the actual burn? Just a thought...hope you can get some experienced answers soon! On a side note, I'm glad you were able to get him back after he got outside!
  19. kcan2

    Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, All Herding breeds, Tell Me About Yours

    She is a 13 year old puppy! The vet said she doesn't look her age! Hopefully just like her master ;)