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  1. tadyergey

    Umbilical cord?

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but 5 of my 6 eggs hatched under my broodie and one of my americaunas was really lethargic and couldn't hold his head up. Got him to drink and he seems to be doing well after 1 whole day of life outside the shell. This little guy has was looks like an...
  2. tadyergey

    I have a pip!

    I have 6 eggs under a broodie and the first pip has occurred. What should I do? Go to bed and see what happens or periodically check on the eggs/chicks? Sorry for being a nervous dad...
  3. tadyergey

    Okay... Now what?

    One of my Production Red hens went broody a few days ago. I got 6 fertilized eggs from a friend and did the switch about an hour ago. Will she turn them by herself? Some people separate the broody hen and eggs, and others leave them in with the general population. I am leaning toward the...
  4. tadyergey

    Hours of light

    How many hours of light do the ladies need to keep laying? When should I add artificial light to keep them laying thorough the winter?
  5. tadyergey

    Roo with laryngitis?

    I have 2 roos both with pretty cool voices. Though this morning my one roos sounds like someone stepped on a duck. His crow is raspy and hoarse. Any thoughts?
  6. tadyergey

    I thought they were Leghorns, But...

    I bought 7 Tractor Supply special pullets. Cute little yellow balls of fluff. 20 weeks later they are laying machines. I was under the impression they were Leghorns, but... they are laying brown eggs. Any idea what breed?
  7. tadyergey

    Interested in showing... Where do I start?

    My kids want to show our birds at the county fair. Where do I begin?
  8. tadyergey

    Wet pullets

    I couldn't get my 8-9 week old New Hampshire pullets and black australorp pullet & roos into the coopy before it started pouring. They don't seem to mind, and won't go inside. Is this a problem? I thought I read somehwere Balck Autralorps feathers wouldn't repel the rain that well. Thoughts?
  9. tadyergey

    Confirm or deny...

    Please help me make sureI have this correct... Leghorn pullet (11 wks old) This one has a beige tint to her feathers and a green tint to her legs where the others are pure white w/ yellow legs. Black Australorp Pullet (7 wks) Black Australorp Roo (7 wks) Black Australorp Roo (7 wks)...
  10. tadyergey

    Call Pen

    I have a few wild coveys of Bobwhites that roam the scrub between my and my neighbors properties. I have been considering getting some bobwhites and letting them run with their wild kin but let them come home via a call pen. I've looked through the forum and didn't see any topics on this...
  11. tadyergey

    Hello from Nokesville

    Hey all! Love the site. I've been watching and reading from afar, learning as much as I can to be a good dad to my 13 chicks. I have 7 White Leghorn (I think) pullets, 3 red (unknown which variety... RI, NH or Red Star) pullets and 3 Black Autralorps straight run birds... The Leghorns are...