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  1. GeeseMama

    Thwarted Hawk Attack

    So, a month ago I started seeing a Red Shouldered Hawk (which are stunning btw) hanging around near the main area where my birds free range. I was a bit concerned because while we have Cooper's, Sharp Shinned, and Red tails around as well the first two are generally too small to try to take...
  2. GeeseMama

    Guinea pics

    Just some of my little stinkers
  3. GeeseMama


    Hey! Hope everyone had a great holiday... Was hoping I could get some help. My daughter's peahen, 7 months old, literally just dropped dead last night during the night. There were no symptoms, no signs, no change in anything. Nothing got a hole of it either. It is housed with another hen who is...
  4. GeeseMama

    Male or Female

    Can someone please help me figure out what sex these two are? This is our first time raising peafowl. They were a birthday present for my daughter. I have spent countless hours reading so much information on them and combing through pictures trying to figure it out. When I think I've made my...
  5. GeeseMama

    Too much cuteness

  6. GeeseMama

    Love Bites

    Looking forward to receding hormones as I teach my Muscovy males how to behave.
  7. GeeseMama

    Geese stung by bees

    Does anyone have any experience with bee stings and their geese? Both of my Africans got stung multiple times by Honey Bees. They are both adults. The goose is okay acting fine just favoring her foot. The Gander immediately started limping and then laid down and was acting very tired. I pulled 5...
  8. GeeseMama

    Just wanted to share

    So I was away for a day and a half and what a welcome I had when I got back! My ducks and Guineas obviously missed me but my two African geese almost dove intointo truck lol. Gemma climbed me like a tree when I bent down to love on her and the Gander, Chewy, and my hubby snapped this perfect...
  9. GeeseMama

    Id please

    Can someone please settle and argument and help positively identify these two cuties (b&w beside the goose)? This is Rose and Sawyer two from our flock