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  1. ChickadeeLover

    3 week old bleeding Help!!!!!!

    My 3 week old chick who is separated because of a cold is runty but also perky and alert. I just noticed his little comb and beak and dry and bleeding . Can anyone tell me what to do?
  2. ChickadeeLover

    pecking toes?

    my one small sick chick is pecking her toes why?
  3. ChickadeeLover

    Deformed chick foot

    My two week old Silver seabright's foot is very strange, one of the toes on the end and floppy and pale and the other toes curl sideways. She is walking fine but I was wondering if there was anything I could do?
  4. ChickadeeLover

    Doxycycline help!

    I have a one week old chick and her lungs are filled with fluid she eating drinking and pooping fine but is weak I have her separate from the others. I have some doxycycline which is a respiratory antibiotic for birds and I was wondering if anyone knew if it was okay to give it to her? or...
  5. ChickadeeLover

    Question about chick food

    I read the treats chart and I was wondering if it was okay to give baby chicks those things too? also how much?
  6. ChickadeeLover

    one week old chick is weak and her beak is filled with fluid *update!

    My one week old Americana who is in with 26 other chicks is acting strange, she is sleeping alot and she is weak and her beak is filled with clear fluid what should I do? also she is swallowing more than normal
  7. ChickadeeLover

    how do you tell if chicks are male or female?

    I have 27 bantams chicks I am not sure how to sex them, If anyone has any advice that would be great!
  8. ChickadeeLover

    Bonding with your babies

    I have 27 baby chicks that are a week old, How do I get them to bond with me?
  9. ChickadeeLover

    Chick with Scissored Beak *updated

    I noticed today that my one week old bantam Americana chick's top beak was not aligned with bottom is there anything I can do to help? also why did this happen? Well, my poor little Edwina died this morning, last night she could barley open her eyes and I was feeding her a mash of yogurt...