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  1. keitorin

    Duck loosing color?

    Hello! My muscovy female has become much lighter over the past months, she was a dark brown but now she’s almost white. I know her feathers are lighter from getting sun bleached. However, i posted a photo of her today comparing her to what she looked like a few months ago and one of my friends...
  2. keitorin

    Depressed Muscovy?

    Hello, my 5-6 month old Muscovy girl has been acting very odd this past week. She recently started tweeting/peeping, and she never trills anymore. She keeps her neck scrunched up and her feathers fluffed up, and her tail is always pointing down. When I ask people they say “oh she’s fine” But...
  3. keitorin

    Squeaking Muscovy?

    My 5 month old Muscovy started tweeting/squeaking like a bird last week, she first started out doing it in the morning when we let her out, but now she does it all the time. I am curious as to what she’s doing. Here’s a video of it. She seems to do it when she’s nervous or excited. She just...
  4. keitorin

    Itchy armpit?

    my female Muscovy has had an itch under her wing for a few days. I picked her up and looked but didn’t see anything. She hates being picked up or touched so I would hate to continuously pick her up, but it’s really bothering her. She previously had a broken wing, and her wing actually broke off...
  5. keitorin

    What kind of Muscovy is my girl?

    Hi everyone! My Muscovy, Miracle, is almost grown up now! And I wanted to know what kind of Muscovy she is. She used to have white plumage on her belly, but when her adult feathers grew in she got brown feathers. She still has white spots though. Here she is as a baby with her white plumage...
  6. keitorin

    BAD ducky breath!

    My muscovy duck has awful breath. I was scared it could be sour crop but she has no other symptoms but the bad breath. Her breath is especially bad after she’s had worms and eggs. Is that normal? Should i be able to smell her crop?
  7. keitorin

    Baby chick can’t use its leg.

    Hello everyone. we have this day old chick, her left leg is stiff and she cries when we stretch it out. She hatched early. none of the other eggs have hatched yet. she’s active and scoots around on her one leg. What’s wrong?
  8. keitorin

    Having trouble holding wings up?

    My baby, maybe about 6-7 weeks old. has giant wings and has trouble holding them up. i don’t know why she would because she gets enough nutrition. i will get a video soon but she’s preening right now.
  9. keitorin

    Sick duck?

    hello everyone, my new duck that i rescued from drowning 4 days ago is breathing loudly and has some boogers. tomorrow is sunday, so vets won’t be open. is there an antibiotic she can have? i think she might have inhaled water when she was drowning. thanks
  10. keitorin

    Help me sex my muscovy!

    Hello everyone! i recently rescued this baby from a park where she was drowning, she must’ve been dumped because there was no mamma or other babies. I have 3 other ducks and only one is a female so i’m praying she’s another female! she is showing male characteristics though, she has a mohawk...
  11. keitorin

    is she sick?

    Hello everyone, my hen has been laying down in the middle of the yard for a few days now, when the others are exploring she’ll just sit down. she’s also been making noise constantly. like when she breathes. she did that last year and eventually stopped. she’s eating and drinking fine. am i just...
  12. keitorin

    Pale Combs and Fungus?

    Hi everyone! so my chickens have had this fungus looking stuff growing on their combs. i put some antibiotics on one of my little chickens combs and she looks better. not all the way though. she just got over pox. one of my hens also has bumps around her eye. i can’t catch her because she’s so...
  13. keitorin

    coughing ducky?

    hi! my drake has been making some funny noises. he seems to cough and he does a weird thing simalar to a reverse sneeze that dogs do. he seems heathy. he’s very active. should i worry?
  14. keitorin

    Yeasty combs?

    Hi everyone! so my chickens have had this fungus looking stuff growing on their combs. i put some anti biotics on one of my little chickens combs and she looks better. not all the way though. she just got over pox. one of my hens also has bumps around her eye. i can’t catch her because she’s so...
  15. keitorin

    how do i stop my hens from setting?

    My hens love to set. we have one that will set for 5 months at a time. The other day i had a hen that was on the verge of death because she had been setting so long. she's okay now though. i brought her inside and gave her food and water. they get dehydrated from setting so long. i have tried...
  16. keitorin

    I don't know my ducks sex

    hello! i have 4 ducks, i thought i had 2 males, and two females, but now i'm not sure, my leader of the ducks, has jumped on top of my (i think) female before, they are both buff orpingtons. but today my female buff orpington, jumped on my male, mating. and i know that males jump on males so are...
  17. keitorin

    I thought she was female

    Hello! I have 4 duckies, two buff orpington, one swedish blue, and one khaki campbell. My knaki, named snickers, is getting new feathers, just like a male, but my other male, has jumped on her before, mating. so i am confused. is she just changing colors or is she a he? she is getting a gray...
  18. keitorin

    What Breed is my Duck?

    I got my duck april 7th and this is what they look like. I'm still unsure about the breed, i thought it was a khaki campbell but it has the stripes on the wings, and i still don't know the sex, please help me! thanks!
  19. keitorin

    Head Shaking

    My rooster has always shook his head around, i never thought much of it until yesterday, i looked it up and he could have an ear infection or gapeworms. he doesn't act like any things bothering him. he's the nicest rooster we've ever had and i'd hate for him to be ill. how can i be sure what is...
  20. keitorin

    Breathing Issues

    My Hen has been making noise constantly, we thought she was just noisy but she's been doing it for days, we picked her up and she's definitely not breathing through her nostrils, it's not like she's hot because it's not very hot here and she is making noise, could it be a lung issue? She is a...