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  1. Nor-Cal Chickens

    New Coop! Upping My Game!

    NICE!!!!!! Wish I had one that size
  2. Nor-Cal Chickens

    California - Northern

    Just checking in, hello neighbors!
  3. Nor-Cal Chickens

    California North State area?

    I'm in the Chico area
  4. Nor-Cal Chickens

    Lakeshore Eggers?

    @DragonGirls thanks for sharing!
  5. Nor-Cal Chickens

    New to the world of chicken.

    Welcome to BYC! Lots of great people in here that are always helpful.
  6. Nor-Cal Chickens

    My chicken story. Photo is my original 4. Lucky is the brown bantam.

    Welcome to BYC Kim! There is many great people in here who are always willing to help. Thanks for sharing your story and for providing those chicks and bunnies a home. I appreciate the pics and just so you know, we LOVE pics in this forum!
  7. Nor-Cal Chickens

    Official Squatch Watchers

    Subtle but huge change...if that makes sense
  8. Nor-Cal Chickens

    The new chicken/duck mansion is complete - sort of

    Maybe try one of the Gorilla products. Those seem to bond with many materials. Another alternative might be a epoxy.
  9. Nor-Cal Chickens

    Black Copper Marans for sale?

    Yes! Posting your location would help tremendously. There may be some local breeders near you that could most likely help you out. I've been searching locally and it seems that everyday I find out about more and more people than I ever expected to find.
  10. Nor-Cal Chickens

    Hello! I'm QueenMapp

    Welcome to BYC! Thanks for posting a pic of your flock, please post more. We love pics in here!
  11. Nor-Cal Chickens


    Welcome to BYC! First things that come to my mind are differences in feed and potentially in water as well. From there you need to see what else are you doing differently. More room to move around, exposure to sun and climate conditions as well?
  12. Nor-Cal Chickens

    I am new....and amazed at collective knowledge

    I'm new to the chicken scene as well. Let me tell's addictive!
  13. Nor-Cal Chickens

    Shaking things up

    Good secure coops and runs (if necessary) help thwart predators.
  14. Nor-Cal Chickens

    Hello from Holly Springs, NC

    Welcome to BYC! Lots of very friendly people in here, I'm sure you'll love it!
  15. Nor-Cal Chickens


    Good looking pair!
  16. Nor-Cal Chickens

    Past, Present, and Future Gardens

    Wild Grapes might be something you come to regret later on. My next door neighbors (both sides) have them and they are extremely invasive and grapes pretty much not edible they are so small.
  17. Nor-Cal Chickens

    Fun outside

    Thanks for sharing, always love seeing other peoples chickens!
  18. Nor-Cal Chickens

    A big hello from me to you

    Welcome to BYC where there's many great people always willing to help!
  19. Nor-Cal Chickens

    Chicken Bully

    Several good points have been brought up so I won't repeat those. One other item to factor in after completing the other recommendations would be to possibly get a rooster so that he can step in and diffuse any potential problems amongst the hens.
  20. Nor-Cal Chickens

    Young Beta rooster is now alpha, what's your experience?

    Good thing you have two roosters left! Seems like they're of good temperament and should remain that way. My current flock of "teens" appears to possibly have 5 or 6 roosters out of a flock of 10! They all seem to get along well with 1 particular rooster appearing to be the Alpha but with great...