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  1. aamu

    my fantail pigeon is dying plz help

    my fantail pigeon had water coming out of her eyes,and now the eye is completely close. she s just standing lazily,not having food. she is in very bad condition, the male also had same symptoms and died within a week, plz help me out if anyone know anything about this, there is no external...
  2. aamu

    my pigeon is at risk

    guys plz help.... my fantail pigeon has water coming out of her eyes,she s quite lazy and just sitting at one place, its partner the male also died after having same symptoms.there isnt any doctor near. plz help me out, i dnt wanna loose it. no bruise or anything. there seems to be no external...
  3. aamu

    Male or female

    How do i diffrentiate between A male dove and a female dove?? They looks same to me.
  4. aamu

    Hello all ...

    I jxt joined this forum ,and i hope it will be an intresting journey.. I ve doves and fantail pigeons..i would really like to know whatever information i can get regarding these two lovely birds.. Thanksalot