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  1. OneAndTwoOfFour

    HELP! Broken Lower Jaw?!?!

    We walked out this morning and found Ruby walking around normally...but with what looks like a horribly painful BROKEN LOWER JAW. The skin is torn on the left side of her beak and her lower jaw just hangs open and flops about. Is there any way to save her?
  2. OneAndTwoOfFour

    How much for certified organic pastured eggs where you live?

    I'm wondering how much certified organic pastured eggs go for in your neck of the woods. Do you only see these types of eggs at the grocery store or do you also see them at farmer's markets? Thanks so much for chirping in!
  3. OneAndTwoOfFour

    Can chickens eat fox meat?

    So, we had a fox take one of our beautiful hens yesterday. We're so sad as it happened when our LGD happened to be inside the house! He attempted to get two but our Rhode Island Red got away with just a handful of feathers missing. Praise the Lord! It was just a baby fox. Today, my husband...
  4. OneAndTwoOfFour

    Recently Broody Hen Now Antisocial

    Hello all. Thank you so much for your insights and expertise. We greatly appreciate you. We have a YOUNG Buff Orpington who went broody back in October. SHE She was only seven months old at the time. She hatched out eight beautiful chicks and raised them like a pro mama. We are so proud of...
  5. OneAndTwoOfFour

    Barred Rock Laid GREEN Eggs?!?!

    We recently had a fox attack that took five of our precious chickens. Months ago, we noticed that one of our barred rocks laid green eggs. GREEN. She happened to be one of the hens that stupid fox killed. Well, after the fox attack, we incubated 29 eggs including one of the green ones. The...
  6. OneAndTwoOfFour

    Ameraucana Roosters and Egg Color

    Hello and thank you to all who can answer this. We have two Ameraucana roosters. The redtbof our adult chickens are brown and white egg layers. If the Aneraucana roosters breed with anybof our White Leghorns, Barred Ricks, SL Wyandottes, Red Stars or RIRs, will their offsprings’ eggs be...
  7. OneAndTwoOfFour

    Breed Guesses?

    Hi there, everyone! We just hatched out 23 chicks on Thanksgiving. I’m wondering if y’all can help us figure out what barnyard mix some of our chicks might be. We have several yellow chicks with little black spots on them. All have single combs. Five of our yellow chicks came from leghorn eggs...
  8. OneAndTwoOfFour

    Eggshell stuck to navel

    We have a new chick just hatched a few hours ago. She has a piece of eggshell stuck to her navel! It seems connected by a dried bit of poopy. :( We are scared that we will injure her navel by trying to pull it off. So far, we have used warm water to try to loosen it but it doesn’t seem to be...
  9. OneAndTwoOfFour

    Frazzle Cochin Bantam Problems?

    Hello to all here! Our daughters have a bunch of bantams, many different kinds. They got them from a very popular hatchery in Iowa. Unfortunately, three of their six Frizzle Cochins are FRAZZLES, meaning they have double frizzle genes. Both parents have frizzle feathers. We've read that...
  10. OneAndTwoOfFour

    HELP! 6-mo Rooster with BLACK Comb and Wattles! HELP!

    Hello, everyone. I thank you all for reading and helping, if possible. Our rooster, Jay, is suffering. I believe he has an upper respiratory infection. His symptoms are as follows: 1) Wheezing 2) Muddled, soft, squeaky crow 3) Lethargy 4) BLACK comb and wattles where they used to be...
  11. OneAndTwoOfFour

    Cuckoo Maran Roo or Barred Rock?

    OK, I'm sorry to bring this up as it's my second post here in an hour. We have always understood this guy to be a Barred Rock. However, he looks a bit different than our other Barred Rock roosters. He's just a bit more "polished" looking. He's "delicate" and pretty-looking while our Barred...
  12. OneAndTwoOfFour

    Blue Laced Red Wyandottes Gender Please.

    Hello, all! I thank you for your participation. I know this may seem weird but we have a conundrum on our farm. We ordered one Blue Laced Red Wyandotte from Murray McMurray back in March of 2018. We also received a free rare breed with that order. Our free rare turned out to be another Blue...
  13. OneAndTwoOfFour

    Red Boils on our Jersey Giant

    Hello. I just introduced us, but have a question. We have a Black Jersey Giant rooster that is quite the buddy to us all. He has developed some big red bumps at the top of his ankle. It seems one of our hens has just gotten one as well. I searched, and couldn't find anything that matches...
  14. OneAndTwoOfFour


    Greetings! My family and I recently purchased a farmstead. It came complete with a nice little flock of chickens, and a Guinea Hen. I realize it's not exactly a "backyard" chicken flock, but we're hoping to learn along with y'all. We've added 46 chicks, who are almost ready to join their...