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    Review by '' on item 'Black Sex Link chicken'

    Bonnie (yes, the chicken I named my farm after) is by far my favorite chicken. She was also my first. She is very friendly and even likes to be petted. She lays an egg every single day. Sometimes she even lays two in a single day. When the day comes that she stops laying, I'll just have to put...
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    Comment by 'BonniesFarm' in article 'The Coop Aka Tashmahal Sp'

    I just think this little set up is so adorable. I have little chicken cabin envy. I love that picture from the outside of the girls roosting at the window. That is so precious! Thank you for sharing your work and all the great ideas.
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    Merek's disease questions

    I have heard that some hatcheries immunize against Merek's while they are still in their eggs. Does anyone know how this is done and is it a product we can purchase and use at home?
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    Comment by 'BonniesFarm' in article 'Kristin's Chickens: The Silver Sebrights'

    Why would someone remove their beaks? That's just cruel. I am always surprised at the inhumanity of mankind.
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    LOL!! I'm so screwed!

    I don't care for ducks. Some people love ducks, but I am not one of them. LOL! I had ducks. They are the pooping machines of the fowl world. I had never in my life seen such an animal that pooped while it was eating and I was constantly hosing stuff off and cleaning out the teeny tiny water bowl...
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    Finish this sentence: "You know you're addicted to chickens when..."

    You plan improvements for their home before your own. You talk to everyone at work about your chickens. You have all of them named and can tell them apart (even if they are of the same breed). Just seeing the cover of a magazine with a picture of a chicken on it gets you excited.
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    North Carolina

    Haywood County here!!!
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    Hi from Western North Carolina

    Hi from Waynesville! I'm glad to see a neighbor on this site!
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    Comment by 'BonniesFarm' in article 'How To Keep Your Flock Happy'

    I allow the grown hens out (over a year old) to roam around the yard while I work outside. This way I can keep an eye on them and enjoy them while I work. Bonnie (the head chicken: large and in charge) is very vocal when she doesn't get to have "outside time". She insists upon it every day, but...
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    Thank you for all the warm welcomes!!!

    I just wanted to thank everyone for the warm welcomes I recieved. Last week I added the new members in with Bonnie and Blue. Bonnie is not overly thrilled about sharing food and Blue could care less (she's just that way). I got talked into 13 bantees a few days ago, so it's a good thing I'm...
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    Hi from Waynesville, North Carolina!

    Just in case no one has heard of this place, think Asheville, then head towards TN. You'll run into us along the way. Am I Bonnie? Naw. Bonnie is our very first hen and she is the head nugget in our coop. She's a black sexlink and I love her so much she'll retire here and die of old age, fat and...