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  1. ThePoopCoop

    My new pressure cooker is coming tomorrow,NEVER used one before! HELP!

    I LOVE my pressure cooker! I've had it for about 3 or 4 years. I'll admit it was a little scary the first few times I used it. I all but dove under the kitchen table the first time I heard it make noise, but it was all good. I use mine for roasts, a pork roast is melt in your mouth delicious...
  2. ThePoopCoop

    Guess What?

    It did take a long time..and the strange thing, I pictured Kung-Fu Esther trying to take my eyes out when I turned the drier on but she just stood there. However, drop a stick near the run and they go all Henny Penny on me. My chickens are weird but I heart them!
  3. ThePoopCoop

    Winter hatch for spring eggs?

    I don't know the answer but I think it's a great question. We start our plants early, indoors, to give them a head start..why not our chickens?
  4. ThePoopCoop

    Guess What?

    Chicken butt! If you would have told me, at any point in my suburban life, that there would come a time when I brought a chicken into my house to wash and blow-dry her tush, I'd have looked at you like you had lobsters crawling out of your ears. Sure, I've washed a lot of chicken in my time...
  5. ThePoopCoop

    Laugh-Out-Loud Contest WINNERS! PAGE 8 #72!

    A chicken in every pot.. A bucket of chicken.. Chicken tractor.. Popcorn Chicken..
  6. ThePoopCoop

    Olympia is BROODY!

    That is awesome!
  7. ThePoopCoop

    The Magical, Wonderful, Whimsical, Handicapped Poop Coop!

    Quote: Ya know...I'm not really sure! This is the first time we've built anything like this. There was a lot of holding stuff up and marking it with a Sharpie or a scratch all and then using the t-square to line up and connect point A to point B. This summer we have to build a deck for the...
  8. ThePoopCoop

    What do you pay for food-grade DE?

    I paid $25 for a 50# bag and then $33 to ship it! I'd say you got a pretty good deal from where I'm sitting. I wish I could find it local.
  9. ThePoopCoop

    The Magical, Wonderful, Whimsical, Handicapped Poop Coop!

    Quote: I actually thought about doing that on the roof but I'm not sure if shingles are moss/mold resistant. It sure wouldn't hurt to try!
  10. ThePoopCoop

    here is my coop and run

    That run is HUGE..I bet your chickens absolutely love it.
  11. ThePoopCoop

    Anti-turn Washer (Alternative to Fender Washer)

    What a fantastic idea! I've never heard of them but will definitely look for them when we start building our run this weekend. I only wanna have to do this once, so I don't mind spending a little extra to make sure we do it right.
  12. ThePoopCoop

    The Magical, Wonderful, Whimsical, Handicapped Poop Coop!

    Quote: Thank you! It's moss. There was on old fence behind our garage that we salvaged to use on the outside (there's plywood underneath) and thankfully, my 9 year old son keeps an incredible inventory of our yard..we had no idea there was a stack of shingles behind the garage, too. Cha-ching...
  13. ThePoopCoop

    The Magical, Wonderful, Whimsical, Handicapped Poop Coop!

    First, let me introduce myself! My name is Jamie. My husband had been bugging me for years to get chickens and finally, after getting tired of spending $4 a dozen for free range, organic fed, hand collected eggs, I gave it some serious thought. After much research (mostly here..what a wealth...