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  1. LadyBclucky

    First time worming questions

    Okay, so I have a small urban flock and have owned them for four years, I have never seen a need to worm, so I never had. But I am thinking I should after a rough battle with scaley mites, I figure I might as well be diligent at all parasite fronts... I've already purchased pour on ivermectin...
  2. LadyBclucky

    LF Cochin rooster, needs new home

    My wonderful rooster is in need of a home where he can crow at the sunrise. He's white and gorgeous. He is a large fowl cochin 1 yr old. Very sweet, used to being handled, a lot. I live in CA east bay. I'm willing to meet someone 1\2 way. Id love him to end up with some chicks of his own.
  3. LadyBclucky

    Red Bald Butt, Mites? Feather Plucking? A little help please!

    Thanks CMV! I originally thought it could be feather plucking... But I was told it sounded like mites, I've treated there area now I'm trying to figure out the Ivermectin stuff.... I bought injectable 1%, but I was told I could pour it on.... :-( I don't think that the person selling me this...
  4. LadyBclucky

    Yet another Ivermectin question

    I was at the feed store looking for Ivermectin pour on and the staff there told me to use the injectable in the same way. I never heard that before, so I was wondering if anyone has done that? I thought Ivermectin pour on was oil based so it absorbed into the skin? I'm treating for mites, and I...
  5. LadyBclucky

    Red Bald Butt, Mites? Feather Plucking? A little help please!

    Please help! I have a 2 year old australorp who has a tendency to go broody, last year she went broody and she got a red bald butt... We thought someone was picking on her, so we busted her broodieness and gave her extra protein and she feathered up nicely. Last month she started acting broody...
  6. LadyBclucky

    5 gallon bucket roll out nest box?

    Has anyone ever seen or tried a 5 gallon bucket roll out nest box? I can find designs for roll out best boxes or 5 gallon bucket nest boxes but I can't find the combination of the 2. I can't imagine it being very hard. I was just wondering if there's a reason I can't find a image of one... Is it...
  7. LadyBclucky

    Sifting crumble before feeding?

    I have read that some people sift crumble before they feed it to their chickens to minimize the dust, I was curious does this actually help? I want to switch to pellets but my DH can't bare to watch a chicken starve... "CAN'T YOU SEE THEY DON'T LIKE IT, THEY ARE SO HUNGRY" soooo I'll have to...
  8. LadyBclucky

    Chicken Nipples

    Ditto to everything Gallo said, and to add- You are going to be so happy you put the nipples in there. My girls adjusted to it so quick and easy. The water is always clean. My only regret is I didnt' do it sooner!
  9. LadyBclucky

    Feed and water: in or out?

    I keep my feed and water out. My hens use their hen house only for laying eggs and sleeping at night, the rest of their day they are in their run. I've never considered putting their feed in their coop since they are only sleeping in there..
  10. LadyBclucky

    Poultry Breeding & Showing Class in Sonoma County CA

    I can do any of those days listed, I am very interested and willing to pay :-) Thanks Kim for organizing all this, this will be huge for me seeing how I am interested in becoming a breeder. I'd love to learn and make some CA connections.
  11. LadyBclucky

    SF bay area CA chicken breeders?

    any idea about a cochin breeder? I'm really have no luck finding any.
  12. LadyBclucky

    Bay Area BYCers!

    I would also be very interested in attending the chicken workshop! Chicken resources are limited in these parts! It sounds like just the info I have been interested in! That would be awesome!
  13. LadyBclucky

    Owning a rooster 101??????

    Wow thank you so much, that's just what I was looking for, have you hearr other people having similar experiences with the Cochin roos? He's a beauty!
  14. LadyBclucky

    Owning a rooster 101??????

    Alrighty I've lost it, I'm on the edge of becoming a crazy chicken lady.... And my DH blames all of you :P we have owned a small mixed flock for 2 years and I'm interested in starting a breeding project... That will require a rooster.... So im interested in the Cochins orphingtons and brahmas...
  15. LadyBclucky

    SF bay area CA chicken breeders?

    Thanks Gman just what im looking for!
  16. LadyBclucky

    SF bay area CA chicken breeders?

    Does anyone know if their are any breeders around sf bay area in Ca? I have very specific ideas of what I want and relying on a feed store is tough. Being in the suburbs means I only have room for so many hens but I'd like to find some good looking birds, Id love a Delaware and some orphingtons...
  17. LadyBclucky

    What color Brahma and Cochins are these chicks?

    I promised my DH a white chicken did I get one? The feed store kept the Cochins and Brahmas in the same bin, to the trained eye there may be a difference but to me it was difficult, I got help from the owner of the store, but I'm concerned I could have ended up with 2 different colored brahmas...
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