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  1. Phox01

    Indiana 2010 Chickenstock-2011 NEWS!!

    I have 4 batam roosters to bring and 2 of them are Mille Fluer d'Uccle . The other ones are a porceline d'Uccle and a oegb that is mostly black . Mary
  2. Phox01

    Indiana 2010 Chickenstock-2011 NEWS!!

    I am planning on being there this year. Missed last year because of plans made by DH well before I knew about the chickenstock and he promised to take me next time . I am holding him to his promise . As soon as I can get into my craftroom , DS#3 is living in there now , I well put together...
  3. Phox01

    Really cute pic - add a caption!

    See , no feathers in my teeth !!! Does my breath smell like chicken? I hid your car keys . These are from my DH Michael. Mary
  4. Phox01

    Official Pagan Thread!

    ebwy - the water is no problem , I swim like a fish. It's this blasted snow that gets in the way. Deb1 - Great start on the library , best to take it slow and not get overwhelmed with info . Scott is a great one to start with . Mary
  5. Phox01

    Coffee's ready...

    Happy SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!!!! GO COLTS Gotta feed the girls and boys , fresh water and then off to work , should be home for the big game Right now I am sipping coffee and making oatmeal and talking to the great folks on BYC . Mary
  6. Phox01

    Official Pagan Thread!

    Sending love , light and energy your way .If I was closer and the roads were passable I would come over and give you a nice foot rub. It always calmed me down in stress times .
  7. Phox01

    I'm having this odd issue with my eyes: anyone know what it might be?

    My DH was in the navy for 20 years working in the eye clinic and eye surgery and his first comment was get to a opthamologist now. It is better to check it out and be nothing than ignore it and it be something bad . The glittery/prism effect can be a type of migraine that has no associated...
  8. Phox01

    Official Pagan Thread!

    Well . I am really a transplanted Buckeye but my heart yearns for the Kentucky/Tennesee border area . Just love the mountains down there , I am an earth person and the energy there is awesome . DH is more water but he loves the rivers and streams of the mountains . We thought that when we...
  9. Phox01

    Coffee's ready...

    I was at Great Lakes from 76 to 83 . We called it the great mistake on the lake. I was there for the Blizzard of 78 , 87 inches of snow in 3 days and I still made it to work everyday , stupid me, my neighbors all called in and stayed home . Mary
  10. Phox01

    Coffee's ready...

    Mundelein , Il.Bet your dad was at great lakes naval base . I spent 7 years there , 4 active duty and 3 as a dependent wife . Also been to Wisconsin Dells and I remember the jumping dog too. Many many years ago . Mary
  11. Phox01

    Official Pagan Thread!

    Bright Blessings to all!!! I am so glad I found this thread . I am a solitary eclectic and have been for 12 years now. My husband is Shamanic with Shawnee roots . For anyone in our area we have an huge library of books on many subjects and just cause we are solitary doesnt mean we dont love...
  12. Phox01

    Coffee's ready...

    I am running late too Terri O . Had to take care of all the critters this morning ,both feathered and furred . We are at 16 right now with a winter storm watch in effect . You are south of most of my relations in Wisconsin , they are up around Tomahawk and Merrill . Mary
  13. Phox01

    Ever had an owl in the coop?

    actually that looks like a full grown screech owl . I have raised a few and he is a match to them. Mary
  14. Phox01

    Coffee's ready...

    Sissy Blue Mountain is coffee from Jamacia , great stuff. I am way south of Merriville , near New Castle , but we used to come through Merriville to get to Kokomo when we lived at the Great lakes naval base. Terri O Got a ton of family in Wisconsin , where are you at ? Mary
  15. Phox01

    Coffee's ready...

    Morning All!!!! It is 2 degrees here in the frozen waste land of Indiana , thankfully no wind . Sipping first cup of Blue Mountain then I have to get ready for work. Gotta love retail , open every day and I am gifted the weekend hours . Chickens are cursing me about the cold , told them I...
  16. Phox01

    Anyone who believes in anything-

    Seending love , light and energy . Mary
  17. Phox01

    Curious besides chickens... what other pets do you have?

    we currently have 1 pomeranian , 1 coyote , 3 grown cats , 3 demonoids (3 month old kittens) an 40 chickens of various breeds. Mary
  18. Phox01

    It's My Party & I Can Cry If I Want To.......

    After 2 years of WWIII in my living room because my 4 boys can't getalong I said no more . I mean knock down , fist , and weapons war , not just arguing. I told them no Thanksgiving dinners , no Christmas dinners . DIL tried doing the dinner the next year , she did a great job with the cooking...
  19. Phox01

    ugh black friday!!!!

    Not only do I have to go to a store today , I have to work there . It's a shoe store so I am hoping we are not mobbed and I am working closing so maybe the riots will be over by the time I get there. :fl:fl Mary
  20. Phox01

    what gifts are you making this holiday season?

    I skipped 2 years of traditional new bed pillows , boy did I hear about that , so they are back on the list this year . Cookies galore is all that I have planed for everything else . May do some jam if DH can find time to help me. Mary