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  1. crazychickenlady5

    Baby mourning dove

    I was out in my goat pen when I found a mourning dove nesting that had fallen out of its nest... I know you really aren't supposed to move them unless they're injured but he was right in the path of where my goats walk every day and they aren't very careful about what they step on, plus we have...
  2. crazychickenlady5


    I have a hen that is losing feathers like crazy... her entire breast is bald, the top half of her tail is just quil, her wings are losing feathers just like her tail, and her bum seems to be losing feathers also. No other chickens are like this, and when we picked her up and put her in the barn...
  3. crazychickenlady5


    Help! My 12-13 week old chick is making gasping noises, closing 1 or both eyes, and is stumbling and seems to be having trouble breathing. I cant see her tongue. I don't know what is wrong. What is happening?
  4. crazychickenlady5

    What should I feed my chickens

    I feed my chickens layer feed, cracked corn and sometimes oyster shells. Is there anything else I should give them to make sure they are getting enough nutrients?
  5. crazychickenlady5

    What age to start chicks on feed??

    What age should you start feeding chicks the feed for adult birds? Should you slowly go from chick feed to regular feed like you would when changing a goats grain to another brand? Our chicks are getting older and I'm wondering when they need adult feed...
  6. crazychickenlady5

    Scaly Leg Mites

    Hi! My chickens have scaly leg mites, and I'd like to get rid of them before our new chicks go out in the coop with the others. Any quick easy ways to get rid of them? Thanks!
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