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  1. gillnpunky

    Ameraucana chicks 5 wks old, all hens located in Orange CT

    Ameraucana hens, chicks, they will be 5 weeks old May 10th and will require supplemental heat at night for a couple of weeks, by the end of May they should not require any heat lamp. They are all healthy, from 'Ideal poultry,' last year's batch grew into beautiful friendly chickens, all blue...
  2. gillnpunky

    Processing and packaging essentials.

    thanks for info
  3. gillnpunky

    Why Do Chickens Run Around After Head is Cut Off?

    they probably don't feel it but should be pithed
  4. gillnpunky

    Ascites-dead chicken

    if she has ascites there was liver failure, she would have died anyway, there was nothing you could do
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