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  1. mamabird

    Name That Turtle!

  2. mamabird

    Goat people...Need help with 5th grade daughter's goat project....

    I have this posted there too, but have only gotten a few responses...but thank you!
  3. mamabird

    Dog Help ASAP!!! Update:

    You had a hard decision to make, but I think you did the right thing. Some animals just aren't a match for some's not a good mix for the family or the animal. Good luck on finding something that 'fits' and completes your family a little better.
  4. mamabird

    Goat people...Need help with 5th grade daughter's goat project....

    Hi everyone! My 5th grade daughter is doing a science project about nigerian dwarf dairy goats and eye color probability and preference. She wants to take a poll but we need individual comments so we can have the info for the project. 1) If you have bred a blue eyed goat to a brown eyed...
  5. mamabird

    Pet Peeve - "I want ONLY brown eggs"

    Okay - I have a pet peeve. We have free-range chickens - many standard varieties...RIR, maran, Leghorns, EE's, NH, Sex Links, etc... We get brown, white and green eggs. We package them as assortments - all 3 colors in a carton. I get so frustrated when buyers want 'only brown, because they...
  6. mamabird

    Are these RIR

    Pics didn't come through...
  7. mamabird

    young pigs ducks and chickens in wv

    Where in WV are you? We have some standard chickens for sale...laying hens. We were asking $5 each for them, but if you want them and are close...$3 each.
  8. mamabird

    Our first 2011 kids are here! (many pics)

    Our first babies are here! We have had 3 does kid so far, and still have 10 to go! If you are interested in finding out more information on individuals and pedigrees, you can go to our website at . B4-Buckling - Blk w/white poll, blue eyes...sold. B5-Buckling -...
  9. mamabird

    Cake decorating. Need an idea.

    Do a burger! White cake top and bottom, don't cut the 'crown' off - use it for the top bun. Color accordingly. Use sprinkles/jimmies for the seeds on top of the bun. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing for the burger. Use icing with the 103/104 tip for the lettuce/tomato. You could also...
  10. mamabird

    Anyone in WV???

    Chicken-palooza in Bridgeport? Tell me when! I have a bunch of standard laying hens to sell!
  11. mamabird

    Help on newborn Nigerian Dwarf goat-- Emergency!

    I'd go with a dose of BoSe, and try to encourage her to nurse from mama. I had a ND that was born (trips) and seemed to walk on the top of her toes (feet bent behind). She straightened out after a few days. Remember that they are in tight quarters for a takes a little while to...
  12. mamabird

    Fainting goat had a baby............. help !

    Congrats on the new baby! If she just had a single - encourage the baby to nurse from both sides of mama's udder. It's not unusual for the baby to have a preferred side and then her udder will become lopsided (and engorged, and uncomfortable). Just take baby off the preferred side and offer...
  13. mamabird

    So we're back to considering goats... Nigerians or Kinders?

    Hmmmm, what if I had Nigerians for milk and bred them to a Nubian? Would that give me better meat animals in the offspring? There's a mini farm near me that offers Nubian buck stud services and since I'm not planning to have my own buck this might be a good option. Don't go that route! A...
  14. mamabird

    What am i?

    I'd guess EE cross...based on the tufts on his face.
  15. mamabird

    Kid's clothes

    I have a TON of children's clothes, that I MUST get rid of! Girls size 18mo -6x and boys size 8-10. I have all seasons, coats, jackets, bathing suits, shorts, shirts, sweaters, jeans, and everything in between. They werew all worn very little, and are in terrific condition. Here is what...
  16. mamabird

    Nigerian Dwarf doelings available - WV

    All 2010 Nigi babies are sold (whew!) Thanks to everyone who bought babies this year, and think of us next spring if you are looking to add to your herd - we should have babies on the ground starting in late March.
  17. mamabird

    Does my dog have ear mites? How do I treat it?

    Ear mites are unusual in dogs, unless you have lots of cats around (or at least they are here in WV). Clean out the ears with hydrogen peroxide or listerine. Get as much gunk out as you can. Many dogs get ear infections - yeast and bacterial - and you may need to pick up a tube of medicine...
  18. mamabird

    Anyone in WV???

    Funny that you say son and a friend were out playing and they had chickens on their shoulders...they said that the birds weren't chickens - they were 'red-neck pirate parrots' ! I had to laugh! On another note...this heat sucks. 100+ today...NOT liking it. Remember the snow in...
  19. mamabird

    Anyone in WV???

    Welcome Neighbor! I'm right next door in Buckhannon.... We use a heat lamp in the coldest part of the winter. We have it on a timer to come on in the early morning and stay on for several hours. We use about 5" of shavings on the floor and keep the window shut. We let our birds free range -...
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