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  1. jasono

    Chickens are eating Hostas

    Chickens are eating my Hostas - I am OK with them eating the Hostas, I just want to make sure that it is safe for them to ingest this particular plant?
  2. jasono

    New Member

    I would like to introduce Daisy, Bessie, Millie and Sadie. The girls are Buff Orrington’s that are approx. four months old. We have had them since they were baby chicks and we are now anxiously waiting for the day they produce their first egg. My wife and I along with our two kids are first time...
  3. jasono

    House of Orpington

    There are a lot of awesome coop designs out there, when I decided to design mine I tried to incorporate some of the design features that I thought were the most user friendly for maintaining a coop in the suburbs. If you have any question or have some comments on how to improve the coop please...
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