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  1. chloezoebob101

    if there was a super bowl for chickens..

    what breed would you want to win?
  2. chloezoebob101

    gangrene/bruise in thigh

    I have a hen who broke her leg two weeks ago. I made her up a splint and separated her for a week, then let her back in with the others when she could walk. Yesterday I Took her splint off, and while fluffing her thigh feathers, I saw a flash of green. I looked further and it was This green/this...
  3. chloezoebob101

    What breed is she?

    So i got a new hen and i was wondering if anybody knew what breed she is? SUPER SORY FOR THE BAD PICTURES!! ALL I HAD!! :P also any guesses on age? thx
  4. chloezoebob101

    too many emails!!

    I am getting waaaaaaay to many emails from BYC. I am making sure everyone i follow i make it so no updates go to my email, but the thread's email is hogging my inbox!! Can i make it so BYC doesn't send me any emails? I am getting around 100 a day.. and i have to sort through all that to get to...
  5. chloezoebob101

    Bunny Pulling fur in the middle of pregnancy...?

    Here is how it goes- a few weeks ago, i think two weeks back, i have it written down but i don't feel like running downstairs right now, i bred my doe, Angel. I bred her bc she was pulling fur and apparently she 'wanted' to be bred. well you see, we have an escaped buck that could have bred her...
  6. chloezoebob101

    Show off your prettiest/handsomest Chickens!! Real Prize!

    Can be rooster or hen! bantam or standard!! just as long as it is a chicken!! :D Post a picture, and tell us: Breed (if you know it) personality! Name! Prize will be a drawing of the winner! unlimited entries! Will be a prize for each category below: Standard hen Standard Rooster Bantam Hen...
  7. chloezoebob101

    Phoebe and Clarisse's Kidding Thread!

    So i saw another kidding thread out there, and thought i would start my own. :) Phoebe and Clarisse's Kidding Thread! We have two does, Phoebe and Clarisse. They are both Boer goats, and will be freshers Bred back in January/February Both are starting to get a bag, and BIG bellies! Super...
  8. chloezoebob101

    WARNING: CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!! Pictures of Billy and timmy (goats) at a few days old <3

    Billy is the one that has his head underneath. Timmy (AKA timothy) has his head on top <3
  9. chloezoebob101

    Stressed :P

    Been real stressed this week. Sunday night came home and 20 chicks were gone. Been dealing with cocci in the coop. Goats have lice, one is week. Doing everything we can to kill the lice. Trying to figure out what killed chicks... *sigh*
  10. chloezoebob101

    20 chicks gone, could it be a hawk?

    They got let out at 3:00 pm when we got back from church, then we left again at 6:00pm. While on our way out, we caught a glimpse of a hawk, we think it was carrying a chick, something white and fluffy. :( Got back at dark tonight, chickens had put themselves away, but i noticed that most of the...
  11. chloezoebob101

    Goats with mites/lice and lethargic PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

    Our dear kids (baby goats) Have LICE!!! Poor molly has them on every SINGLE INCH OF HER BODY!!!! (well, pretty close to it) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!! what can we give them? Anything, chemicals, all natural, something that will act quick, she is very lethargic. Thanks :)
  12. chloezoebob101

    Where did the 'Hobbies' section go?

    I can't find it, was it taken off? Or am i just missing it?
  13. chloezoebob101

    Time to get a new rooster?

    Goodness, i hope i have this in the right section.. anyways- We have this rooster, he is nice to us, never tried to attack us, but to the hens i think he overbreeds them. Fluffy was pulled out of the coop (just in time to save her life!!) bc she had a bloodied up head. which was bc the rooster...
  14. chloezoebob101

    Which is the best meat breed?

    We need to get better meat breeds. Black sex and cornish cross are NOT what we are looking for. Black sex grows to slowly, and cornish to quickly, plus they look unhealthy. What about Buff orpingtons? Are they good?
  15. chloezoebob101

    Tell me anything and everything there is to know about guineas.

    We are going to get some guineas soon, but we don't know how to care for them. A few questions: can they stay with chickens at night? do they fly? how far do they go? are they easy to train to come in at night? What do they eat? Give me all the info you can give on these things!!
  16. chloezoebob101

    Crochet/Knit Club

    Hey there! This is the Crochet/Knit Club! Here we will post the weekly pattern, Crochet and knit tips, and help each other become better with our hooks and needles! The Weekly Pattern- This is a pattern that we will change weekly, this pattern will be one that can be easily finished within a...
  17. chloezoebob101

    Does anybody think my plan will work?

    Here is my plan for my Milles Fleur D'uncle bantams: [x] 1. Buy 7 chicks from Heartland Hatchery [x] 2. As they grow, realize that not all the chicks will survive :( [ ] 3. Build a Bantam tractor that fits 10 full sized bantams [ ] 4. Move chickens into it [ ] 5. Eat/sell all but one rooster...
  18. chloezoebob101

    Starting our Bantam Tractor!

    I have been waiting so long for this day, but my dad kept saying he needed to build other things, then today he decided the other things were going to take a while so he said lets build it!!! This afternoon once we clean out our barn, which will just take a second, we got a trash can delivered...
  19. chloezoebob101

    How do i use a Tortillon?

    So i bought ten tortillons today, and now i need to know how to use them. Any suggestions? Thanks :)
  20. chloezoebob101

    I thought they were safe at this age :(

    I went to let out my girls this morning, and there were two dead chicks laying there. They were squished by the others, now here i was thinking they were safe at this age from getting squished. It didn't even get that cold last night. One of my americana and my precious Milles fleur were...
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