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  1. ChickenObsession

    Is there something wrong with this chicken egg

    Here is some pictures of my hens eggs she's been laying her eggs at the barn so I just saw this yesterday she is a Easter Egger please look at these pictures and let me know what you think
  2. ChickenObsession

    Who else has bought blue Partridge bramas from chicks in bloom?

    Has anybody dealt with chicks in bloom she is a private breeder located in Oklahoma I was wondering why she doesn't not have a website and not very reviews on the internet as anybody else works with her and how did you like your chickens do you have pictures of them thank you
  3. ChickenObsession

    Where should I buy blue Partridge Brahmas?

    I live in Arkansas and I am looking for blue Partridge Brahma eggs also just regular Partridge Brahma and black partridge brahmas fertile hatching eggs with people write me about successful places where they have gotten this breeds from have you ever heard of chicks and Bloom and are they a...
  4. ChickenObsession

    Do you know very much about feathered foot birds and treating them for bumblefoot?

    right now I have a blue Cochin with inflamed foot feathers I'm wrapping her feet after treating for bumblefoot her bumblefoot is doing a lot better since I used a product called pred when I wrap them but when I unwrapped them her feet were swollen and red and inflamed and I'm worried they're...
  5. ChickenObsession

    I'm back

    It's been awhile to since I've been on backyard chickens hi everybody I've gone through four flocks of chickens from backyard chickens this year I meant I bought four different clocks I have hatched eggs with my Cochin man I've gone through a lot I post them pictures this is what I've been up to...
  6. ChickenObsession

    Was I not supposed to wrap my cochins feet when treating for bumblefoot

    Please help I need some guidance my cochins feathers on her feet are inflamed bubbly and look like they might be infected it's been about twenty-four hours since I wrapped unwrapped her feet I'm keeping them wrapped for treating her with bumblefoot I put prid on the bottoms of her feet her...
  7. ChickenObsession

    Needing someone to adopt baby chicks that arrived from post office without a home in Florida is goin
  8. ChickenObsession

    What killed my duck?

    I'm heartbroken over the loss today of my Pekin duck, Penelope. She died a horrible death down at the creek behind our house. Can anyone tell me what got her from the pictures I've attached (warning: these are disturbing pictures)
  9. ChickenObsession

    Why does my laying hens not like oyster shells

    We just bought oyster shells for are laying hens and for some reason the non laying hens growing hens want to eat the oyster shells or are more curious about them than the laying hens laying hens will have nothing to do with them we've had them for about a few days I wanted to feed them flock...
  10. ChickenObsession

    Why is our 4 month old Ducks not eating the chicken feed I bought them

    We have two ducks one Peking and one Cayuga duck both females. They are not eating the chicken food that we bought them they won't eat Purina flock raiser crumbles or Lane pellets well they were eating a little bit of laying pellets but I heard that they are too young to eat Lane pellets because...
  11. ChickenObsession

    Can I feed laying pellets to non Laying ducks butter about 4 to 5 months old

    Please what is your opinion on this
  12. ChickenObsession

    I am looking for a feed to feed my ducks and laying hens together

    My ducks are just about to lay eggs I think there about 4 months old my hens are now laying I need a food Alain pellet I think that both of them will like that they eat together the lane pellets I got now they do not like that all they both will not eat them I'm thinking about pereena but I need...
  13. ChickenObsession

    How do I keep Predators from digging underneath our chicken run

    We are trying to build a 40 foot long chicken run we're not sure how wide yet for making it like someone would build a greenhouse I think Greenhouse would be called a hoop house but instead we're putting chicken wire and hardware cloth on the bottom we need to know whether we need to bury the...
  14. ChickenObsession

    Do I need to buy chick grit for my baby chicks or can I use sand for then to eat almost 4 weeks old

    I have 6 baby chicks that I bought from my pet chicken can I put sand in their brooder for them to eat instead of chick grit or do I have to give them chick Grit
  15. ChickenObsession

    Where do I buy bulk flax seed for my chicken

    I want to add an addition flaxseed both + seed for my chickens. I have about sixteen hen I bought them Lane pellets but I want to add more nutrition to it like I want to give them seaweed flaxseed and maybe some grains in bulk whole grains what should I do about this and where do I buy it online...
  16. ChickenObsession

    My hens just started eating Lane pellets and do not like them

    I have eight hens that just started eating laying pellets I did have them on baby chick feed they are about 5 months old black australorps Rhode Island red speckled Sussex welsummers Easter Eggers the black australorps will eat the feed not the others though especially the Rhode Island red...
  17. ChickenObsession

    What to get for my first aid kit for the chickens

    I am trying to collect a first aid kit I need to be prepared for my chickens I have about 22 chickens and it's growing
  18. ChickenObsession

    What gender is my blue Cochin baby chick

    I received a blue Cochinpullet from my pet chicken she is now 1 week old she is not calm and gentle as much as I expected and hope for this is why I'm wondering if she's a rooster she also I think does not have a very big tail and wings witch I've heard that means they might be a rooster I have...
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