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  1. Anansi

    Which vaccines?

    We have a feral pigeon, Chad, that is approx. 32-35 days old. I was wondering what vaccines were should give him. He will be in the same room as our 2 indoor chickens and 2 parakeets after another 2 or 3 weeks in a different room at the opposite end of the house. Also, do we need to vaccinate...
  2. Anansi

    Indoor bantam pullet

    We have 2 indoor banties, one is about a year old, the other is 5 months. The older one molted shortly after coming to us last October, and finally started laying in mid February. The 5 month old is currently molting, and hasn't started laying. My question is do banties mature at a different...
  3. Anansi

    Hi from Washington State

    Last October I was in my garage getting my van ready for a road trip. My youngest was cleaning the front windshield and wanted to know how to turn the turn signal on. In my head in I was wondering why she wanted to know, and why she was making soft prepping noises. I turned to ask her and found...
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