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  1. lightchick

    Baby dove feeding?

    I just found a baby dove on the ground and I would of left it but it seems to be very weak and it's crop is empty. I used to breed pigeons so I know something about care but not much. Will feeding it gamebird starter work? I also have layer feed. I was thinking of feeding crushed starter...
  2. lightchick

    Good protein supplement?

    I really would like my quail on organic feed but we have no organic gamebird or turkey starter around here, only chicken feed. The organic chick starter has 19% protein and I was wondering what kind of high protein grain/seed or something that I could add to that. Thanks!
  3. lightchick

    Best humidity for Jumbo Coturnix Quail eggs?

    What's the best humidity and temp for a forced air little giant? I'm going to be incubating 50 Coturnix eggs. Last time I incubated it was a still air so the temp was 100.5 and humidity was 60% and I upped it to 65-70% for the hatch. BUT that made the chicks drown in the
  4. lightchick

    Does anyone have this generic/unbranded incubator and is it any good?

    I'm hoping to find a incubator that has a fan and egg turner in it and I found this one. I have a still air Little Giant, but I'm...
  5. lightchick

    Wry neck?

    This baby hatched only six hours ago on day 19 and has had trouble since. How can I help other then what I'm doing? I think it has wry neck or it was in the egg too long because it curls it's head underneath itself. I started trying to get it to drink some vitamins but only could get a little...
  6. lightchick

    Can you give apple cider vinegar to baby quail?

    I have some Coturnix quail eggs hatching right now and I was wondering if it'd be OK to give them ACV in their water after they hatch. I give ACV to my pigeons and chickens but I can't find anything on giving it to quail. Thanks!
  7. lightchick

    Baby pigeons dying overnight.

    I've had five baby pigeons die in the past 2 nights. The first night the three babies were fine and the parents were taking care of them and everything, but then in the morning I found all three of the dead, splayed out in the nest. Then today I found a different nest with both babies dead...
  8. lightchick

    Can pigeons eat medicated chick starter?

    Is it OK for pigeons to eat MEDICATED chick starter? I have a 50 lb bag and only three chicks eating it so I didn't want it to go to waste or anything.
  9. lightchick

    What is this color?

    This is a female Birmingham Roller I've had for abut a year now and when I got her I was told that she was black. But she looks bluish to me?
  10. lightchick

    Getting pigeons to hatch quail eggs?

    I've heard of people getting their pigeons to hatch quail eggs and I wanted to try. I'm planning on ordering quail eggs soon to put under the pigeons but the problem is that they already have their own eggs incubating at the moment. So I'm wondering if they'll still hatch the quail eggs if...
  11. lightchick

    New chick with multiple problems! Need a little advice!

    Yesterday evening I got two chicks at the feed store. I got a EE and a Silver Laced Wyandotte. When they grabbed the SLW chick all I noticed was that it was pretty tiny. Once I got it home I relized that it could hardly walk and it wouldn't eat or drink. After I dipped it's break in water...
  12. lightchick

    Pigeon egg incubating.

    I had two Birmingham Roller eggs abandoned because I didn't get the nest boxes in soon enough and the parent just laid the egg on the floor and left it. I put it in a egg carton and waited until the second egg was laid and then I put them both under a makeshift incubator. They have been...
  13. lightchick

    Are Leghorns good layers?

    OK. I've always heard that they are really good layers, but then I heard from two different people that they got one and all it did was sit around and eat until it couldn't walk! It never laid an egg. I think maybe they got a Cornish X? Also are California Whites better? I really want...
  14. lightchick

    Should they be laying or not?????

    I have 6 chickens, 4 that are 29 weeks and 2 that are almost 20 weeks. I have a Red and a Black sex link, a Australorp, Silkie and 2 younger mixed breed chickens. The Red sex link started at 19.5 weeks and the Black sex link started at 23 weeks. I've been waiting and waiting for the Australorp...
  15. lightchick

    Who's egg is this?

    This is a egg I got this morning. I only have two girls (brown sex link and black sex link) laying right now and they don't lay speckled eggs. The two other eggs are eggs from yesterday. The egg circled in orange is my Brown sex link"s and the egg circled in green is my Black sex...
  16. lightchick

    Parlor Tumbler/Roller Thread!

    Hi everyone! I'm just about to get a pair of Parlor Tumblers! I'd love to see pics of yours!
  17. lightchick

    Chick being trained! Chickens are super smart!

    Just thought I'd share this video! This is one smart chickie! I think I need to start clicker training!
  18. lightchick

    New chick! How long do I need to quarantine? When should I start taming?

    I got a new 12 weeks old Brahma mix today! I can't quarantine much over 3 that bad? I might be able to quarantine longer..... Is there anything I can do to help her get used to me and her new surroundings? I'm giving her ACV in her water. I might give her sugar water tomorrow. I...
  19. lightchick

    What is the mix of my new chicken?

    She's 12 weeks old. I'm thinking Brahma mix.....maybe a EE and Brahma mix? She's a pullet right? I traded my rooster for her. I'm pretty sure she's a pullet because my rooster was the same age and had saddle/hackle feathers and had a huge red comband he was crowing. I feel bad for her...
  20. lightchick

    Are these eggs fertile?

    Are they fertile? These are the two yolks from the double yolker. Does this look fertile to you? These are all of the same yolk.
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