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  1. Peep-Chicken

    Tylan 50 Out of Stock

    Tractor supply looked it up and it’s on back order for every store. Even trying to google a store for it yields no results. The local vet sells it for $80. What happened to it being sold in stores?
  2. Peep-Chicken

    Flock won’t eat, green poop, sudden death

    On Sunday, my youngest hen Pirate seemed off. I brought her in, overnight she went downhill and died. The rest of the flock isn’t doing great. They are all 5-7 years old. They haven’t touched their food(Dumor Layer) since Monday. I filled it to the top and they haven’t eaten it. They’ve eaten...
  3. Peep-Chicken

    Hen Not Active. Full Crop but Isn’t too Perky

    This is one of my favorite hens, Pirate. She is three years old. My youngest one since the rest of the flock is all seven years for the most part. This morning I found her roosting in the coop. She didn’t come out even when I shook mealworms. When I showed her mealworms she ate them though...
  4. Peep-Chicken

    Necropsy Picture and Cause of Death?

    My Swedish Flower Hen, Reid has been on and off sick for a year. She would stop eating, and be lethargic. I’d tube feed her for a few days and then she’d be fine. That only happened a couple times last year. This year, it was “well Reid is sick again” it happened so often. I tried treating her...
  5. Peep-Chicken

    How to Permanently Stop Egg Laying?

    I have a hen named Raven who is 6 years old. She is a Sumatra. Last year, she prolapsed her vent twice. I did the whole separate her, baths, pushing it back in... It stayed in all winter. Now that the spring is here, it’s prolapsed twice more. She’s just about recovered from this last time, but...
  6. Peep-Chicken

    Lethargic hen, not wanting to eat, green poo

    Here we go again with a sick chicken. That’s the problem with having old girls. I have this Swedish Flower Hen Reid who is 4 years old. Last week I saw her being lethargic. She’d come outside and just sit. So I brought her inside. The first night she ate on her own, not enough to fill her crop...
  7. Peep-Chicken

    Persistent Prolapsed Vent

    Raven has had a prolapsed vent since Friday. This is the third time it’s happened so far(the other two times were last year). She’s a 6 year old Sumatra hen. I have done prep. H, gave her baths, pushing it in sevral times a day, and while it has gotten better it still won’t go in. She’s also...
  8. Peep-Chicken

    What does this poop mean?

    i have a lethargic hen. She’s not too interested in eating, but will nibble, and is just slow.
  9. Peep-Chicken

    Eggbound Hen

    I’ve had three egg bound hens before. All pulled through and laid their eggs within a day. I found my hen, Reid, lethargic yesterday and not too interested in food with poop dripping down her vent. So I took her in, gave her a bath, gave her tums, and let her rest. She still hasn’t laid the egg...
  10. Peep-Chicken

    Listless Hen

    My hen that was attacked by a hawk two weeks ago isn't doing well. She was fine for two weeks after the attack, but yesterday I noticed her being listless. She walks slowly around, doesn't run out to free range right away. She also tilts her head a lot. Her eye that was neat the injury changed...
  11. Peep-Chicken

    Attacked by Hawk

    My chicken was attacked by a hawk. Is cut up on the face and neck. I stopped the bleeding, but it looks like blood had built up in a mass under her waddle. What else can I do for her? I noticed my one hen has a respiratory infection, so I started the whole flock ok antibiotics earlier today...
  12. Peep-Chicken

    How long do chickens really live? How long have chickens in your flock lived?

    I just realized most of my flock will be five this year! I hope I have a long time more with them. I looked it up on google but found a variety of answers. I assume age will very breed to breed? That bantams will live longer than large fowl, especially since they don’t lay as much. So, BYC...
  13. Peep-Chicken

    My ducks are suddenly mean to each other

    So, back story. Last year I hatched a duck and a chick. Raised them together and they became best friends. I got the duck(named Mr. Duck) two more friends once he was old. They were supposed to be female. They then both grew curly tails. A couple weeks ago, my Mr. Duck started attacking Wyatt...
  14. Peep-Chicken

    Three Drakes Living Together?

    I bought two 'female' Pekin ducks for my Campbell drake months ago. Couple weeks ago I noticed one had acquired a curled tail feather. Was worried the two drakes and female wouldn't get along. Now the other pekin has a curled tail feather. So if it's just three male ducks living together, they...
  15. Peep-Chicken

    Peking Gender

    Here we go again. The ones on the right is a drake, and the left is a hen right?
  16. Peep-Chicken

    Two Drakes and a Hen...

    I bought two female ducks a couple months ago for my lone drake. It now appears one of them is a male! Two drakes and a hen probably won't work out right? I do not have the space to add more females. I don't know what to do now because all of my ducks are pets and not many people want drakes.
  17. Peep-Chicken

    Drake is Mean

    I posted about him before. He's about six months old, I raised him from the day he hatched. I got him some lady duck friends last week. He's still pretty mean, and will chase me and nip. I can't go into his cage to change food and water without him attacking my hands. I'm worried for other...
  18. Peep-Chicken

    Duck Gender?

    Duck 1: Duck 2: Duck 1 left duck 2 right I purchased two 3 month old female ducks today. Duck 1 is bigger and has a brighter orange beak than duck 2. They're both females though, right?
  19. Peep-Chicken

    Can a Call duck live with a Campbell?

    I have a male Campbell. I found a female call duck for sale. They would be my only two ducks. Would my Campbell be too big and hurt her when he tries to mate?
  20. Peep-Chicken

    ISO Female Duck MI

    She'd be a pet. I just need one for my drake.
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