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    Newbie Crystal here!

  2. familyfarm1


    Welcome to BYC!
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    Hello Chicken People!

    Welcome to BYC!
  4. familyfarm1

    New here.

    Welcome to BYC! please make yourself at home :).
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    Introducing me

  6. familyfarm1


    Welcome to BYC! So glad you decided to join us!
  7. familyfarm1

    Constantly learning

    Welcome to BYC! Pork Pie Ken gave you a great link.
  8. familyfarm1

    Thank You

    :welcome Please make yourself at home :).
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    Hello Peeps

    Welcome to BYC!
  10. familyfarm1

    Not so "newbie"

    Welcome to BYC! Glad you decided to join us!
  11. familyfarm1

    what breeds are my new baby chicks?

    Could you get individual pictures?
  12. familyfarm1

    Help Red Sex Links

    Could you get some better pictures? They all appear to be RSL pullets, are you sure they are crowing and not attempting the egg song?
  13. familyfarm1

    What breed?

    The black one looks like a Cochin and the red one could be a Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red, or a red hybrid.
  14. familyfarm1

    Male, Female, Breed?

    Looks like a mix, not sure with what. Also looks like a pullet.
  15. familyfarm1

    Help! Breed?

    Could you get a better picture?
  16. familyfarm1

    What type of chicken is this?

    Easter Egger cockerel
  17. familyfarm1

    My SL Wyandottes look different.

    Both are pullets, its just that not all pullets will look exactly a like.
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