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  1. MountainDirt

    Stumbling Chickens

    I'm having this very same problem. I ordered three breeds from a hatchery and I have lost all of the Sussex, then all the cuckoo Marans pullets and one cockeral, and two rocks. I have one rock that started getting the very same symptoms again after about two weeks of no incident. I'm ready to...
  2. MountainDirt

    how to bond with ducklings

    Thank you! I have three Welsh Harlequins and I hatched them at home. They are a month old and always seem so scared. They don't come anywhere close to me. I have them in a crate while they are feathering out but I keep trying to get them used to being outside. I'll have to try some peas and...
  3. MountainDirt

    Comment by 'MountainDirt' in article 'Turkey Incubation and Hatching Guide'

    Thank you so much! Wonderful information! I have a few of questions. Will the typical starter turkey feeds from Tractor Supply have enough niacin for the poults or should I supplement? My first poults will come in late May and hopefully next year I can provide a more sustainable food source...
  4. MountainDirt

    Comment by 'MountainDirt' in article 'Introduction to Raising Turkeys'

    I've got turkey poults arriving through the mail in late May. I can't wait until they get here and I'll be a turkey parent!!
  5. MountainDirt

    Old McJungle has a farm, now i need to know about turkeys!!!

    I'm trying turkeys for the first time too. Six Bourbon Red and six Chocolate from Porter's Turkeys. I was going to try the padlock system with mine using electric netting. Gonna grow plenty of grains, cover crops, and other stuff for them with a 3/8th of an acre and then next year rotate and...
  6. MountainDirt

    Free range heritage or coop/pen BB's

    Thank you for sharing some of the experiences of raising turkeys. I'm getting Bourbon Reds and Chocolates late spring and I've been reading everything I can on them before they get here :)
  7. MountainDirt

    Inflamed feet and Marek's?

    Recently a pair of bantam Cochins was given to me. The rooster is in rough shape with missing feathers, some clear mucus in his eye, and inflamed feather shafts on his feet. He's also lethargic but seems to have a little more energy after I've kept him on a diet of baby chick food, yogurt...
  8. MountainDirt

    Baby Chick With One Eye Closed

    I washed the little silkies eye with a damp paper towel and put some vitamins and acv in the water. The eyes are both wide open this morning and the little chick seems to be on par with everybody else today.
  9. MountainDirt

    Chick one eye will now not open

    How is your chick doing now? Are both eyes open? I have a little silkie chick that looks just like the first pics you posted. Thanks
  10. MountainDirt

    Baby Chick With One Eye Closed

    I have a little silkie that's doing the very same thing. One eye closed, a little smaller than everyone else but eating and drinking just fine. What happened to everyone else's chicks?
  11. MountainDirt

    Swedish Flower Hen Thread

    I think the cockerel is about 3 months and the (hopefully pullet) is about 2 months.
  12. MountainDirt

    Swedish Flower Hen Thread

    Hi! I'm new to this thead but I'm so excited because I just got my first two Swedish Flowers! I'm in love with their coloring and wanted to show them to see what y'all think.
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  14. MountainDirt

    Buff Laced Wyandottes

    Bonsaiboi, Could you post some pictures of your buff laced wyandottes? I'd really love to see them!
  15. MountainDirt

    My dog chasing chickens. --solved!

    Very glad to hear shock collars work so quickly! I'm still teaching my dog a firm "Leave it" command and if it doesn't work after a few weeks, I'll definitely get one because I'd like for him to have freedom to run on the rest of my property.
  16. MountainDirt

    is lots of mint OK?

    It's definitely an invasive plant in all sorts of places. I'm wondering about sinking a pot of it in my open air coop for them to much on or to see if it will at least keep some of the pesky mosquitos away.
  17. MountainDirt

    is lots of mint OK?

    Is there a particular kind of mint your chickens like? I have a a few that I'm growing (pinapple, apple, peppermint, orange) but I didn't know they would eat it.
  18. MountainDirt

    afraid to let chicks free range!!!

    I do the same thing. I was given 7 bantam cochins hens and they run with my EE rooster and hen and two RIR/orps 2 month old crosses when I get home from work around 5. They get time to forge and dust bathe and seem really happy for that time. The hens spend most of the day in a converted...
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