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  1. Squeak61

    Female Muscovy and Ancona

    I’m selling my female lilac looney Muscovy and my female lilac Ancona with heavy chest rust. They’re both from Al’s Quackery, and I have all their birth dates. I’m asking $50 dollars for the Muscovy, $20 for the Ancona, or $60 for both. I’m open to other offers. I’m in CT :)
  2. Squeak61

    Super wierd poop

    Hi everyone, my chicken pooped something really funky today and I wanted to post and see if anyone could spot an issue. She’s acting totally normal, besides a few slow crop issues, but this poop was big, watery, gooey, and stinky. It just didn’t look right. Does anyone have any idea what could...
  3. Squeak61

    What breed is my rooster?

    I have an adorable rooster who I thought was a Japanese bantam, but now I think he’s too big to be one. What do you guys think he might be?
  4. Squeak61

    Giant Dewlap Toulouse in CT

    Hi everyone, I’m selling my giant dewlap Toulouse female goose. She’s about 3 years old, and in great health. She’s not agressive, but she’s a huge fan of people either. She kind of just peacefully exists in the yard. I’m asking $40 for her, but if you have a reasonable offer then that’s fine...
  5. Squeak61

    Drake with gander?

    Hi everyone. I’m thinking of getting a Muscovy pair that would live with my other two female ducks, and my goose pair. My male goose is rather dominant and doesn’t like when any of the other waterfowl step out of line. Do you think he would have issues with a Muscovy drake? I’ve heard that...
  6. Squeak61

    ISO Muscovy

    Hello, I’m looking for somewhere to get some female Muscovy. Does anyone know of a breeder or hatchery that sells them? :) I either need a breeder in New England or a breeder that ships.
  7. Squeak61

    ISO Call Ducks

    Hello everyone! I really want a pair of call ducks or just a male, or ducklings, but I am having so much trouble finding them anywhere! Does anywhere know a good place that sells calls, either that ships or is in the New England area?
  8. Squeak61

    Injured eye

    Hi everyone. My Cochin’s eye on one side is completely stuck shut, and her nostril on the same side is bloody with crusty blood. The other side is completely fine. Her breathing sounds a little congested. Any clues as to what could be going on? What should I do?
  9. Squeak61

    Skin inside nostril

    Does anyone have any clue what this is? My new silkie chicken has what looks like a nub of skin inside her nostril. It’s completely connected and doesn’t seem to bother her.
  10. Squeak61

    EMERGENCY sudden lethargy

    One of my new birds was completely fine last night, completely normal, and this morning she is limp, unable to walk or stand, and pooping slightly bloody watery poop. This morning, she was laying face first, twitching, and couldn’t even lift her head. She can still move her legs and wings. All...
  11. Squeak61

    Goose beak changing color

    Hello everyone. As my African goose is maturing and her knob is starting to grow, her black beak is starting to turn a orange around the edges of her beak, and almost her entire knob. I’m very confused on where this orange is coming from. I bought her from Metzer as a baby. Could she possibly be...
  12. Squeak61

    Blue Swedish duck in CT

    Hi guys! I’m rehoming my Blue Swedish duck (female). She’s two months old from Metzer Farms. She’s beating up my favorite Muscovy so she has got to go. She’s free to a good home, but I will need to see photos of your setup. I’m in Enfield, CT. I am willing to meet halfway if you’re within a...
  13. Squeak61

    Silkie Hens CT

    Hello everyone, I’m trying again to rehome my silkie hens. So far, I haven’t found a successful home for them. They’re about 2 years old, all rescues from Meyer Hatchery’s old breeder birds. They have clipped beaks, but they’re otherwise normal. I’m in Enfield, CT. I have a buff, three whites...
  14. Squeak61

    Muscovy gender?

    Does anyone have any clue what gender this duck is? I just got it as a rescue, and I’ve never had Muscovy before. I have absolutely no clue how old it might be. It huffs and hisses like a male and appears to have a U shaped tail. However, it doesn’t have a lot bumps on it’s face, it’s mostly...
  15. Squeak61

    How long do geese raise babies?

    I have a super crazy gander that adopted a 4 week old duckling and gosling (against my will) and he is insanely protective and rude now :barnie He’s usually such a sweetheart, so you can imagine why I’m so irritated with him biting me and hissing 24/7. How long do geese raise their babies for...
  16. Squeak61

    What breed is this pullet?

    Hi guys, I bought this chick from Tractor Supply and it was labeled as a Silver Laced Wyandotte which is CLEARLY not the case :rolleyes: Does anyone have any clue what this little lady might be? She’s a large fowl bird.
  17. Squeak61

    Two ducks and two chickens CT

    Hey everyone, thinning out my flock and have some birds to rehome. I’m not looking for any money for them, just a good home and photos of your set-up. I’m in CT. I have a female pekin, a female dark Campbell, a Golden Sebright hen, and a Sicilian buttercup hen. I also have assorted bantam...
  18. Squeak61

    Goose beak issue

    I am so confused on what’s wrong with my gander’s beak. I’m thinking maybe a possible nutrient deficiency or injury? He currently eats a mix of oats, cracked corn, and flock raiser feed, and then grass whenever he’s out grazing. His beak is crusty and brown in certain spots, almost like he has a...
  19. Squeak61

    African Goose noise levels

    Hey everyone. It’s that time of year again, so of course I’m gonna go buy some baby animals :caf I absolutely love the look of African geese, but I don’t know if I can put up with the constant screaming that all the African geese owners talk of. Are female African geese super noisy? My female...
  20. Squeak61

    Cayuga drake in CT

    Im looking for a new home for my 1.5 year old Cayuga drake. He’s completely not aggressive with people, but he is a bit shy. He’s been overzealous with my young ducks, and I don’t have an ouch ladies to keep his affection spread out evenly. I’m in CT, willing to meet somewhere or you can pick...
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