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  1. vehve

    Hemp bedding

    In this thread I intend to document my experiences with hemp bedding. The reasons I'm interested in this bedding is that it supposedly generates quite little dust, it's very absorbent, and it's easily compostable. When we hatched our first chicks in the spring, we bought some hemp bedding to...
  2. vehve

    Experiences with heated waterers

    With winter just around the bend, thoughts of cold proofing the coop are in my head. I'm planning on keeping the waterers from freezing with heat cables meant for terrariums. They can be submerged in water. Has anyone done this, and what kind of wattage have you used? Our waterers are about 10...
  3. vehve

    Site update issues

    I'm guessing you're already aware of these problems, but since there isn't any notification about the update that I can find, I thought I'd report some issues I've noticed after the update. -E-mail notifications aren't coming through anymore -The subscription list isn't being sorted when new...
  4. vehve

    Egg size development

    Does anyone keep track of how their egg size develops, starting from the first eggs from a pullet? Some sort of tables or graphs would be interesting to see. Here's our development so far (No, no, this isn't going too far into specifics at all) Egg production Finnish Alho landrace...
  5. vehve

    Collecting leaves in summer to use as a wintertime source of greens

    Does anyone have any experience with collecting leaves in summer straight off trees and bushes in their green state, and drying them up to use as feed in wintertime? Anyone know how well nutrients are preserved? How did your chickens like it? I would prefer to be able to do this without any...
  6. vehve

    Pictures of Black Copper Marans around time of laying first egg

    I have a Black Copper Marans pullet, who's about 16 weeks old, still a little young to start laying, and she isn't showing any behavior signs that would indicate she's about to start producing eggs. Her comb and wattles have however started to grow and turn red during this past week. They are...
  7. vehve

    Hot composting with chicken bedding and garden waste

    Our chicken adventure began this spring, and now we have a flock of 9 chickens, aged 2 to 5 months. This began with building a coop and so on, and if you're interested in that, I have a story of the build in my coop page, you can find a link to it under my avatar. Then on to the subject of...
  8. vehve

    Popup issues

    Now, for about the fifth time when opening a thread, the window is redirected to Is this intentional, or is some advertiser abusing their rights on your page? Doesn't seem to be specific to any particular thread, it's happened in different ones. I'm...
  9. vehve

    Alternatives to Sweet PDZ on poop board?

    I would be interested in using Sweet PDZ on poop boards. The problem is, that it's not sold here. The only similar products I've found have been diatomite based (DE), the most common being Drymaxx by DeLaval. So I'm wondering if anyone has had any success with some other products? I've tried...
  10. vehve


    Are there any fellow Scandinavians here? What kind of coops do you have, suited for Nordic conditions? Felix from Finland
  11. vehve

    BYC website improvement ideas

    This website really is a good source for information, and for the most part it functions quite nicely. There are two things that could be improved though. Firstly, when someone comments on my coop design, i only get a e-mail notification, it doesn't show up on the site even though I'm...
  12. vehve

    Ideas for opening the chicken hatch from outside the run

    Here's a picture of the problem: We have a hatch for the chickens inside the run. It has hinges on the right hand side (Had to make it open to the side because with the insulation it's over 3" thick, having the hinges on the top or bottom or a sliding door were out of the question). I would...
  13. vehve

    Finally finished the Scandin-Avian Coop

    Today, our chickens got to see the outside for the first time =) Sure feels good to be finished, this is what now sits in our yard: More pictures of the journey from start to finish can be found in the coop designs.
  14. vehve

    Greetings from Finland!

    Hi, Just joined this site a few days ago, after spending a lot of time admiring all the coop designs available. They were a great help when designing our own coop. We just moved the first 4 occupants into their new home last weekend, and two more are waiting to get in there soon. This is our...
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