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  1. drpurl

    Egg bound hen or prolapsed vent? I hope someone is around tonight..(photos)

    I noticed today while watching & feeding my girls that one of them had no fluff in their vent area. This is what I found. while doing a bit of researched and my hubby holding her, she dropped this egg and the 2nd photo is what it looks liked. I felt her belly and doesn't feel hard. She isn't...
  2. drpurl

    Odd behavior with a storm, normal?

    I live in WI and the last two days we had very strange weather. We had thundersnow/rain/sleet/snow and when I went to check on the chickens last night two didn't go into the enclosed roost/nesting area. I had to physically put them in. I got my chickens May 1st and this is their first winter. Is...
  3. drpurl

    Suggestions for the run?

    I am having a hard time deciding on what to put on the floor of our run. We live in WI along the lakeshore and we do get snow. I am not sure if I should use sand because it will be hard to clean in the winter. Wood chips? We can get free wood chips from our city. Is that safe? Everyone in the...
  4. drpurl

    My girls week 1.(pic heavy)

    I got pullets a week ago, they are 7-10 days old. I am playing the guessing game of if it's a Roo or not. If you think I might have a breed wrong or might be a roo, please let me know. Here is Ally she is a White Rock Sandy - Balck Australorp Phoebe - Buff Orpington Scarlett -...
  5. drpurl

    How much do they sleep?

    I have never raised chicks before, my girls seem to sleep a lot! They are fine running around and don't seem sick. Its just everytime I go in there they are sleeping. They are about 3-4 days old.
  6. drpurl

    Here are my baby girls!

    All is going well! We had a bit of poop but not crusted over this morning. Their home in a room behind our home office. Ally - White Plymouth Rock Janet - I think she might be the Dominique because she does have a bit of yellow on her head. It's kind of hard to see here. Juno - EE...
  7. drpurl

    When to start giving treats?

    When is it ok to start giving the chicks treats? I won't over do it and get some grit to go with it.
  8. drpurl

    When can you tell what breed they are?

    I'm suppose to have 7 different breeds. I am pretty sure I have figured out which one is a white rock, buff orpington & the partridge rock. I am having a hard time with my black australorp, dominique & silverlaced wyandotte. Is there a place where I can figure out what is what?
  9. drpurl

    New & excited!

    I picked my 7 little girls today from the post office. All is doing well & so far so good. This has been a dream in action for the last year.
  10. drpurl

    When to start?

    I live in Wisconsin along the lake and I am thinking the best time to get day old chicken would be in spring and ready to be outside in the summer. Am I on the right track? Are there only certain times of the year to get day old chicks? Thank you!
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