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  1. Hennypenny15

    8 week chick alive

    Hello all, Hatched out 2 Cream legbar chicks. One born with crooked toes on one foot. Placed them in 24 X 36 cage in enclosed section of barn with heat lamp and newspaper down to start with then changing to shavings at 4 weeks. Crook toe smaller as both grow and dies no symptoms at 6...
  2. Hennypenny15

    Hello from Indiana

    I have had chickens off and on. The last 3 years have really been taken with some different breeds. Right now have 6 adult Bantam Chocolate Orpingtons, an 8 week chick, and 12 -two week old chicks. I also have 3 Cream Legbar chicks that are 8 weeks old, and 7 adult Serama's. I love the...
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