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    Choking Hen! Help!

    Hi all, I just had a massive scare. My 1.5 year old Barred Plymouth Rock hen, Tilly, just started choking. I was bringing them in from their pen and I left her in the coop to go bring in two of her sisters. I come back and she has her beak wide open, trying to gasp. I pick her up and stick my...
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    Does Mating Hurt The Hen?

    Hi all! So I recently got a 5 month old Rhode Island Red mix rooster named Harvey from a rescue. He’s a very sweet rooster. He’s nice with people and the hens and is not aggressive. I introduced him to the hens yesterday and they largely ignored him but he tried his best to win them over. Today...
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    How Humane Are No-Crow Rooster Collars?

    Hi all! So I recently got a 5 month old Rhode Island Red mix rooster named Harvey from a local rescue. He’s an absolute sweetheart, very nice and not aggressive. But he crows, without fail, at the crack of dawn every morning. He’s fairly quiet the rest of the day though. We’ve been looking in...
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    Lead Poisoning in Hen

    Hi all! So I have a 3-year-old Buff Brahma hen named Paisley. She’s an absolute sweetheart, more like a dog than a chicken to be honest. She’s one of my favorite girls. Recently I noticed that she seemed a bit lethargic. She was eating and drinking normally but just didn’t seem like herself. She...
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    Chicken Show Help!

    Hi all! I wasn't sure what what category to put this thread in so I just put it in this one. I'm interested in entering one or two of my hens in a poultry show. They are both very beautiful and have the right temperaments for it, I think. They are a Buff Brahma and a Lavender Orpington. I have...
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    Hen keeps getting bullied! Help!

    Hi all! I have a Golden Laced Wynadotte hen that has been being bullied by my other hens (Buff Brahma, Barred Plymouth Rock, Lavender Orpington and a Partridge Olive Egger) They have been pecking at her feet until it draws blood and she is limping heavily. They also sometimes grab at her neck...
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    Coop And Run Ideas/Blueprints?

    Hi all. I'm remodeling my chicken coop and I wanted to build/buy a chicken coop that had a large run attached to it. I have four hens and a rooster. Does anyone have any blueprints, ideas, or coop suggestions that I can buy or build? Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to respond!
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    Will Squirrels Bother Hen?

    Hi all. I have a single Buff Brahma hen. Unfortunately, her sister recently died so she is alone right now. We will be moving out some new chicks to be with her soon. However, I have been sprinkling some mealworms, sunflower seeds, etc. around for her in her pen. There are at least 3-4 gray...
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    Baby Chick Ate Slime

    Hi all. Just posting this thread to confirm that he will be okay. So I was playing with my sisters slime which includes Borax, Glue, etc. I had a little bit stuck on my fingernail when I picked up my 1 week old rooster Joey. He saw it and picked up the small amount of slime and ate it. Since I...
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    Introducing Hen To Baby Chicks

    Hi, all. Today is a very sad day. One of my favorite hens unfortunately passed away on the way to the vets office today. She ate something toxic. She was happy and loved during and after her life. But now I have a new issue. I only had two hens, Joya (the hen who died) and Paisley. Paisley was...
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    How To Cope With The Loss Of My Chicken

    Hi, all. I am absolutely heartbroken today. My sweetest hen, Joya, a beautiful Buff Orpington, died today. She has been in and out of the vets office the last couple of weeks. They think that she ate something toxic. However, the last two weeks or so, she seemed to be getting better. Her color...
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    Egg Bound Hen?

    Hi everyone! I have a two year old Buff Orpington hen who has recently fallen ill. She hasn’t been laying any eggs, lost weight, poor appetite, pale comb and wattles, and overall listlessness. We took her to the vet who did an x-Ray and discovered a mass in her stomach (perhaps an egg, rock...
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    Thin White Worms In Rooster's Poop?

    Hi everyone! I recently rescued a rooster for a couple of weeks. The poor little guy can't catch a break haha. I at first was just going to keep him for a little while in order to heal up his leg, which we found out had arthritis or chronic soft tissue. Then he got beat up by one of my hens and...
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    How To Catch An Injuried Feral Rooster? Help!!

    Hi everyone! I volunteer at a horse rescue nearby and at the rescue there is a small bantam rooster and four hens. I can catch the four hens without much trouble but the rooster has always been very wild, he won't even go into his coop at night and usually sleeps in with the goat. He's always...
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    Hi Everyone!

    Hi, I'm Hannah! I live in Massachusetts and I have two beautiful hens. A Buff Brahma named Paisley and a Buff Orpington named Joya. They are both around a year and a half old. I'm also thinking about adopting a Barred Rock rooster soon!
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    What Could This Predator Be?

    I live in Massachusetts and recently something killed all four of my neighbors ducks. It didn't leave any trace except for some areas of blood. No feathers or anything. I have two hens, a Buff Brahma and a Buff Orpington. We have had hens before that have been killed by dogs, coyotes, accidents...
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